Kya Dark Lineage

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Hotspot, Aug 29, 2010.

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    Aug 29, 2010
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    I was wondering if anyone has ever played this wonderful game?

    Not many people have heard of this game, so if you haven't heard of it a little bio is below.

    Story: The main character Kya is awaken by a noise and investigates to find her brother frank in a room that wasn't there before. As Kya looks around she realizes it must be a room that her father made, her father who abandoned her years ago , Frank is meddling with some weird medallion, he places it on a table and the table somehow activates the medallion releasing a portal. Before Kya or Frank can do anything the portal sucks them in, and Kya awakes in a strange place and finds creatures looking at her telling her to run because there are creatures called wolfen chasing them. Kya takes their advice(and that's when you get to control kya) Kya get's to the end of the place and all but one creature gets captured, the creature named Aton brings Kya to his village where she can find out whats going on. Aton brings Kya to Atea , the village chief. Atea tells Kya that the medallion brought Kya and Frank to another universe, but kya can't use that medallion to get back because it stayed in her world. So in order to go back home she must find the medallion for this new world and then collect all the rune pieces that go with it, without the seven rune pieces the medallion won't work. Kya asks if Atea might know where Frank is (who wasn't with Kya when she woke up) Atea tells her that if he isn't with them then he must be with Brazul. Brazul is the main bad guy and is also kya's father, Brazul is the ruler of the wolfens. And also Atea tells kya that the race that aton and atea and the other creatures, are called Nativs and in fact Wolfen are Nativs that were transformed .
    Atea gives kya magic to turn the wolfen back into nativs, he also gives her a weapon called a boomy (which is just like a boomerang) and he brings her to akasa a fighting expert that teaches kya how to fight hand to hand.
    Then Kya goes on a mission to find her brother, turn the wolfen back into nativs, defeat brazul and go home.

    I really love Kya Dark Lineage! It's one of my favorite games, I really enjoy the graphics. For a game that was made in 2003, it has really great graphics!
    Hotspot, Aug 29, 2010
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