Kodak EasyShare can't find photos due to bad path

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Doug Clemens, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. Doug Clemens

    Doug Clemens Guest

    When I try to email some pictures from EasyShare some of the
    pictures won't send. It gives the error "The selected files could not
    be found. They may have been renamed, deleted or moved in your
    Windows file system.".

    I noticed all of the files that error out have a path of "D:\whatever"
    and they should be "E:\whatever". I upgraded my OS and version of
    EasyShare. Maybe one of those steps corrupted the paths.

    The pictures are still there on my drive (in "E") and show up in "My
    Collection" but I can't email any of them (through EasyShare). I've
    looked in the EasyShare directory and the Registry for any kind of
    path info but couldn't find anything. Maybe the pictures paths are
    stored in some kind of EasyShare Database? Would anybody know of any
    way to fix this?

    Doug Clemens, Jan 12, 2004
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  2. Doug Clemens

    ? Guest

    Simply change the D: to E: should correct the problem.
    ?, Jan 12, 2004
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  3. Doug Clemens

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Move the pictures to another directory, then delete them from the
    database, and then readd them.
    Or, you could just use OE or other email software to email them....
    Ron Hunter, Jan 12, 2004
  4. EasyShare keeps a "catalog" of all of your pictures and where they are on
    your hard disk (so you don't have to remember) However, with the current
    version if you move some stuff there is no "automatic recovery" in place.

    To fix this you must remove those pictures from the collection then use the
    "add pictures" feature to put them back.

    This is a highly requested feature for us to "fix up" things when the
    pictures have been moved, it's on the list of things to do in a future
    William Jackson, Jan 12, 2004
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