Kodak DX6340 vx. DX4530

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by DRB, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. DRB

    DRB Guest


    For Christmas, I will be getting a digital camera. I've been looking for
    awhile, and thought I'd settled on the 6340--3.1 MP, nice features, and at
    the very top of my price range. I recently discovered the 4530, which is
    only about 25 more dollars at my retailer of choice ($276 vs. $298). The
    4530 is a 5MP and has 32 MB internal memory. However, it seems to have less
    features--fewer modes and settings and less to no manual control-- and the
    total zoom is less. The 6340 has 4x optical/3.5X digital. The 4530 has 3X
    optical/3.3X digital. Also, the 6340 has a Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon
    Lens and the 4530 has a Kodak Retinar All-Glass Lens. I know the 5 MP
    camera will do prints up to 20x30, but I really don't have a need for photos
    that large. The 6340 does up to 11X14, which is large as I could ever want.

    I'm thinking that I'll probably still go with the 6340, but I thought I'd
    run it past some people who are more knowledgeable in this area than I am.


    P.S. Please direct your replys towards the group instead of e-mail.
    DRB, Nov 17, 2003
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  2. DRB

    Ron Hunter Guest

    It all depends on how you will use the camera. Either would serve my
    needs well, but only you can decide if the extra 2 mp is of value to
    you, or if the 6340's extra features will serve you better. Either
    camera should give you excellent pictures for that price range. If you
    do a lot of cropping during editing, then the extra pixels would be of
    great advantage, otherwise, the extra optical zoom might give you a
    picture that is better composed and not require editing.
    Ron Hunter, Nov 17, 2003
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  3. Yes, first of all... imagine how you will use tha camera IRL. Then go from
    There are lots of alternatives.

    And, remember that even if the lense is made by the allmighty himself, you
    will most probably get what you pay for (more or less). Optics is bound by
    laws of physics. The brand it self, on a lense doesn't change anything.
    Actually a known, special brand most likely is put there to attract
    customers whithout any other technical value to it. If the lense says Leica,
    Zeiss, Krautznach, etc it may give you a rush... but that doesn't improve
    the pictures, does it!?

    I'd say... The best optics/$ is most likely produced in Korea, and doesn't
    have a known brand to it. They have the tech, the know-how and low pay.

    Morgan O.
    Morgan Ohlson, Nov 18, 2003
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