Kodak DCS-14N question....???

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by VISAR, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. VISAR

    VISAR Guest

    I am looking forward to purchase the DCS14N but I heard that it got a
    lots of PROBLEMS...is this true? Does Kodak have any recent firmware
    update to solve those issues....Anyone familiar with this camera? OR
    is there a better alternative to the DCS14N...???
    VISAR, Jan 25, 2004
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  2. VISAR

    Crownfield Guest

    I would wait until after the PMA show this spring.
    Hope is that nikon and fuji will make big announcements.
    Crownfield, Jan 25, 2004
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  3. VISAR

    KBob Guest

    There has been a huge effective price reduction in the 14n, with
    Kodak's $1000 rebate now being offered. This brings the price of the
    camera down to about $2995 if you buy it from a legit dealer on eBay.
    I payed a little over that for mine a couple months ago, but it's
    still a pretty good deal at that.

    Yes, it still has its share of problems, but it's certainly a much
    better camera (firmware-wise) than when it was first introduced. As
    you have undoubtedly read in the many reviews on the web, this camera
    is at its best when sufficient light is available to shoot at ASA
    80-100. I have compared the shadow noise of the 14n to a D100, and
    was surprised to see a very similar result--only thing is, the
    "comparable" exposures with the D100 were at ASA 200. The 14n has no
    anti-aliasing microlens filter, and uses a CMOS CCD--this is
    understood to be the reason for its one-stop light loss. Detail is as
    you might expect, quite impressive under the right conditions,
    certainly a world of difference when compared to 6 Mpx cameras. Some
    of the problems mentioned in the reviews are restricted to its 14 Mpx
    behavior, and are not present when imaging at 7 Mpx. BTW at 7 Mpx the
    images are clearly better than those of either the D100 or 10D,
    probably because of the software's use of twice the pixels and no AA
    diffuser. It has a very good, intuitive menu system, and the
    automatic RAW reading features of CS work great with this, giving a
    couple stops of headroom to work with. It also can provide "enhanced"
    JPEG images that allow many of the features associated with 12-bit
    color to be used, while keeping the compact JPG filesize.
    Unfortunately Kodak's plugin for this is not as yet compatible with
    CS, but I'm assured they are "working on it."

    I'm a big Nikon fan, but must admit that the $8000 Canon 1DS is a much
    better camera for most purposes. Under well-lit conditions, however,
    the 14n will clearly out-resolve it, and you would expect it to with
    about 30 percent more pixels to work with. Shooting RAW files and
    using 512 MB cards, it gets about 45 shots to a card, and that's about
    where I'd want to change out the battery as well. It does not have
    the nearly unlimited capacity of the D100 in terms of battery life.

    Am presently experimenting with the 14n for IR use, but am still
    sorting some things out. It seems to have good sensitivity to IR (and
    also near UV), but I'm seeing some odd flaring with some lenses.

    The full-frame CCD is of course what you would want this camera for,
    but beware that not all lenses are properly "profiled" for it as yet.
    Most commonly used Nikkors are, however. To some extent the advantage
    of having full-frame capability are lessened by the camera's "chin"
    that keeps the PC-Nikkor 85mm from being used, and some of the mirror
    lenses and extreme WA types.

    If you have any questions about the camera, just post them and I'll
    try to respond.
    KBob, Jan 25, 2004
  4. VISAR

    zeitgeist Guest

    The major problem was that any ISO above 100 gave a lot of noise.

    However the price has dropped to $4,000, and as many old medium format
    shooters spent their lives with ASA 100 films it shouldn't be that much of a
    problem, you can have a whole system for the price of a canon 1ds bod. and
    who knows, after the next big show the price might drop to a couple thou.

    lots of reviews at dpreview.com
    zeitgeist, Jan 25, 2004
  5. VISAR

    AArDvarK Guest

    I took a good look at their sample raw images ... as well as
    the price ... I downloaded their raw plugin for .dcr in photoshop
    just to see them. But what I saw is a serious problem with color
    moire┬┤ in cloth that is folding back. Take a look at the one of
    the woman in red cloth, she has gold foil on her face, closely
    examine the cloth where it folds, lower left mostly. I don't think
    this can be corrected within the camera. I think it is a hardware
    issue concerning the CMOS. This made me think this camera
    is entirely not worth buying, especially at that price.
    AArDvarK, Jan 25, 2004
  6. VISAR

    Ron Baird Guest

    Greetings Visar,

    I have used the camera a few times and found it to be awesome. I work at
    Kodak and so have the latest software etc. I find the camera to be the best
    digital camera I have used to date. I have seen and tried many others as
    well. For the money, Visar, you will be pleased.

    FYI that Kodak is always updating its firmware and software it it can make a
    difference. In many cases it does. So, the software that you can get from
    the web is better than what was sent with the camera, although both do a
    good job.

    Let me know if you think I can help.

    Ron Baird
    Eastman Kodak Company
    Ron Baird, Jan 26, 2004
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