kodak dcs 14n pro

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by LikeMike1, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. LikeMike1

    LikeMike1 Guest

    I am considering purchasing this camera. I would like to hear from some people
    who have it, and what they think of it. Particularly I am interested in the
    noise issue. Is it a problem for you? Did you consider the canon 1ds, and how
    did you decide between them? thanxs
    LikeMike1, Sep 5, 2003
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  2. LikeMike1

    badgerfish Guest

    I also considered both, the reviews for the 1Ds are generally very positive,
    not so for the Kodak. The Kodak seems to be more at home in a studio, with
    an individual who is prepared to work with its limitations to get the best
    out of it. As I was a Minolta glass holder that was not an issue, but it
    will be for many. I chose the 1Ds as its noise suppression, general
    ergonomics & picture quality out weighed the extra 3mp's of the Kodak for
    badgerfish, Sep 5, 2003
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  3. Hi LikeMike

    Thom Hogan has a nicely-balanced refreshed-as-firmware-evolves
    review at


    Our other great scout, Phil Askey, does his usual thorough review job at


    Bottom line, as I read it, of these two reviews:
    nice camera if you shoot in bright light and don't need
    ISO above 100 or 200, and aren't particularly fussy
    'bout camera handling issues.

    My own opinions: Kodak blew it by using a 3rd-party noisy sensor. They
    thought they could fix it with software processing, but it's proven to
    be a quixotic task.

    Most reviewers, given plenty of $$$ and the choice between the
    14n and the 1Ds, wouldn't hesitate to go for the Canon.

    It'd be nice if Kodak gets up off the canvas and comes back with a model based
    on an F100/F5-quality-level body and a 1Ds-quality sensor. They
    can get back in the game if they do so. And provide some pressure
    on Nikon, who many of us fear is a long long ways away from providing
    a full-size sensor (hope I'm totally wrong on that), and Canon, who'll
    be able to keep the 1Ds price up so long as it has no competition.

    Stanley Krute, Sep 6, 2003
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