kodak dc 4800 and vivitar 285HV external flash used equipment -- worth?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by doug, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. doug

    doug Guest

    Any idea what these are worth used as separate items? Is the vivitar
    flash still in any demand?

    The camera has some extra accessories but I don't think that will add
    much to its value. The vivitar has an L bracket w/ handle (don't know
    what you call it) to combine the camera and flash together when you
    hold the camera to shoot. This camera doesn't have any shoe for an
    external flash so thats why the L bracket is used. Btw, what is the
    proper name for this bracket ?

    doug, Feb 3, 2006
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  2. doug

    zog Guest

    not much, I just gave one away today to friend who doesn't have digital
    camera, complete with tele and wide angle lenses, lens hood, close up
    lenses, spare battery and camera bag, 64m & 16m CF cards, multi region
    charger and leads for different countries.

    the last time I saw a similar setup on ebay, it went off at under $200
    for the lot, but that was a year or so ago.

    It wasn't a bad camera for the time, but today its a bit slow in the
    focus, slow in the card writing, small buffer, battery is not large
    enough and doesn't last long with the rear display on, needs propriety
    software on the computer in order to d/load the pictures (thats why I
    always use a card reader).

    its 4 years old, I have had a good use out of it, but I would not buy a
    second hand one today when for $200 or less you can buy a brand new
    camera of 3MP or more, with all the latest features and warrantee.
    zog, Feb 4, 2006
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  3. doug

    doug Guest

    Thanks for the reply. Not sure about the propriety
    software on the computer in order to d/load the pictures as I thought
    I used what I already had on my pc to do it but none the less, even
    all the other points you mentioned prove your point.

    I guess I'll check ebay to see if anyone is still selling and their
    latest prices. I wanted to check here first.

    thanks again for your info.
    doug, Feb 4, 2006
  4. doug

    Dave Mann Guest

    I just tossed my dc4800..old, slow, and 3MP.......great camera for it's
    time. Just got an OLY SP-350 8MP for less them $300. Nice camera lots of
    features...nice to stick in my pocket when I don't want to carry my D70
    around.. Say bye-bye, and let her go :)
    Dave Mann, Jun 4, 2006
  5. Dave Mann wrote in part:

    I miss that camera. My old DC4800 served me well:

    Good wide-angle on the zoom lens. It had a pretty cool camera control
    program included too. Download pictures and fire the shutter from a
    laptop - quite convenient. I made a lot of immersive product shots on a
    turntable with it. To learn that they made the control program only for
    MS Windows versions *before* XP was infuriating. Eventually I gave the
    camera to a neighbor. At last report, it's still chugging along.

    Kodak would have done well to go further in the DC4800's direction. But
    I was not consulted. Can you imagine THAT?

    It Came From C. L. Smith's Unclaimed Mysteries.

    "NSA is now funding research not only in cryptography, but in all areas
    of advanced mathematics. If you'd like a circular describing these new
    research opportunities, just pick up your phone, call your mother, and
    ask for one." -unknown
    Unclaimed Mysteries, Jun 4, 2006
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