Kodak Colorease PS Thermal Printer

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by denny_mac, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. denny_mac

    denny_mac Guest

    Does anyone know where I may find drivers or other software necessary to use
    this printer with Windows XP? I realize this is a discontinued model, and I
    could find no help on the Kodak website. Thanks in advance.

    denny_mac, Aug 22, 2003
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  2. --------

    FIRST TRY LOOKING ON YOUR MS-XP installation disk

    According to MS on this page:

    The driver you need is supplied with XP and it is listed here.



    COLOREASE PS Color Printer

    dd0194.exe 05.06.1998 854k COLOREASE Color Downloader for WINDOWS, v1.5

    dd0082.exe 02.09.1997 29.7k COLOREASE POSTSCRIPT Installation Disk for 8.
    5 x 12 paper upgrade; WINDOWS 95, v1.0,

    dd0023.exe 02.09.1997 416k COLOREASE POSTSCRIPT Driver for WINDOWS 3.X,

    dd0025.exe 02.09.1997 261k COLOREASE PHOTOSHOP Export Module for WINDOWS,


    You can download a manual and other documentation from Kodak here:

    N.B. The download is via FTP

    The printer is old enough that the instructions relate to Win3.0 and Win3.1
    but as only printer drivers, they might just as well work under WinXP.

    Put the driver above [dd0023.exe] on a floppy disk and install as "add a
    printer" in the normal fashion. Alternately you might try the Win95 driver
    file [dd0082.exe] as above. See what happens. You can always un-install them
    again if they don't work.


    You can search Kodak for drivers and other software here:

    and enter "drivers" in the search box + go - then search again within those

    journalist-north, Aug 22, 2003
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  3. denny_mac

    Alan F Cross Guest

    The driver might be there, but the Photoshop Export Module isn't. I made
    these enquiries myself a few months back, and could find nothing to help
    me export from XP to my 8600.

    I ended up networking a Win98 box to my new XP set up and printing from
    there (though Photoshop).

    More recently I have bought the new 8500. Nothing like as expensive as
    the 8600/Colorease printers were. And if you do your sums you can work
    out how quickly it will pay for itself with the lower cost media, *And*
    you get a choice of glossy or matte!

    Alan F Cross, Aug 22, 2003
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