Kodak Camera starts after 5 mins of turning on.

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by keyurm, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. keyurm

    keyurm Guest

    I have a Kodak EasyShare CX7430 camera that I bought an year ago. All
    of a sudden now the camera would not start after the turn the switch on
    to AUTO. IT takes 5 mins before starting up. I would appreciate any
    feedback on resolving this or what the issue is ?

    keyurm, Feb 21, 2006
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  2. keyurm

    ASAAR Guest

    My guess is that the camera's internal computer is out of control,
    which can be caused by several things, but usually a static
    electricity jolt. As with a desktop or laptop computer, rebooting
    would normally fix it, but not always. With cameras, you'd like to
    try removing all batteries or pushing a "reset" button if it has
    one. But this isn't always possible. The problem with removing
    batteries is that some cameras don't use removable button cell
    batteries, but rely on an internal rechargeable battery that can
    only be removed with exceptional difficulty or by the manufacturer.
    Sony has some cameras that use these batteries. I hope your Kodak
    CX7430 doesn't. The problem is that the computer in the camera
    wouldn't be able to reset completely until the internal battery lost
    its power, and that can take a month or more. FWIW, not too long
    ago I had a Grundig portable radio that also behaved very strangely,
    with only some buttons working properly, others doing very odd
    things when pressed, and most of the station preset buttons doing
    nothing. The radio's power button worked more or less, but also
    much more slowly. Not the 5 minute delay you're getting, but about
    30 seconds. Removing the batteries for several minutes didn't help,
    nor did pressing the reset button. The reset button did cause the
    radio's clock to reset, and the few functioning station presets were
    wiped out, as expected. But the radio's bizarre behavior continued.
    I managed to get the radio working as new, but to truly reset it
    required the batteries to be removed for more than a day. With a
    bit of luck, removing the batteries for a short period or pressing a
    reset button (if the Kodak has one) will fix the camera. But if it
    has an inaccessible internal battery that prevents this you'll know
    it either from some mention of it in the manual, or because removing
    the battery for a day or two doesn't wipe out the camera's date and
    time. Although I doubt that it will help in this situation, you
    might want to check Kodak's support website to see if this is a
    known issue for which a fix is available. Good luck!
    ASAAR, Feb 21, 2006
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