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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Julie Bove, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Julie Bove

    Julie Bove Guest

    First let me start by saying I am certain this isn't an issue with my
    keyboard. And yet, the keyboard isn't working properly. I know that makes
    no sense. The keyboard is fairly new and I can type this message just fine.
    Most places I go to on the Internet, the keyboard works just fine.

    A few weeks ago a friend on Facebook contacted me and asked me what was up
    with the keyboard there? She said her keyboard worked fine every place but
    there. I had no clue what she was talking about. Until two days later.

    Now all of a sudden when I try to type on Facebook, I can type only 2 or
    maybe 3 characters. Then it's as though the keyboard freezes or is
    unresponsive. I will depress a key and nothing happens. I have to wait
    many seconds before I can type the next character and it's very frustrating.
    I did report the problem to Facebook as did my friend but we got no
    response. And nobody else seems to be having the problem. Not that I know
    of anyway.

    Then last night I began having the same problem but to a lesser degree on
    the forum called Hot Coupon World. I will try to type there and every so
    often when I depress a key, it is unresponsive.

    It's not a virus. Or at least my Norton or Malwarebytes didn't turn
    anything up.

    Any suggestions? Could it be a flash issue? Not even sure if those
    websites use flash or not. I do type rather quickly so having this jerkily
    non-responsive keyboard is greatly annoying.
    Julie Bove, Dec 1, 2011
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  2. Julie Bove

    Paul Guest

    Is the machine generally slow when this happens ?

    If you start using another program, is everything slow. Or
    does the slowness only happen in the Facebook window ?

    If Adobe Flash is involved, there is a tick box to
    disable "Hardware Acceleration" in the Flash window.
    Right clicking in the window, may bring that menu up.
    That's the only setting I know of, that makes a difference
    to Flash.

    (Untick the "Enable hardware acceleration" box)

    You can use Task Manager (control-alt-delete or right click the
    Task Bar and get Task Manager from that menu). The performance
    graph, shows how much processor is being used. If the graph
    was running at 100%, then you'd check the process
    list to see which program was using the CPU.

    You could find, that CPU usage is close to zero, and yet
    the keyboard is slow. Key presses are "Events" and get
    passed up the chain as they're processed. It's possible
    to install a "filter driver" or "shim", which intercepts
    the stream of characters. An example would be a keylogger,
    which is a kind of malware used to steal passwords. So
    there can be reasons for the slowness, if a filter driver
    was interfering with the operation of the keyboard. But then,
    you might experience symptoms across all programs, if that

    I like your Adobe Flash theory, because that is self contained
    enough, to make trouble just in that Window. But watch the
    Task Manager, and see if the processor is busy or not.

    Another tool you can use, is Sysinternals Process Explorer,
    which will also display the Interrupt rate. If there was
    a hardware failure, and a lot of interrupts, you get
    an "Interrupt Storm". That eats up CPU, with no guilty process
    showing in Task Manager. If you use Process Explorer, you
    might be able to detect that kind of failure. Such a failure
    is pretty obscure (not seen very often).

    In this screenshot, you can see the Interrupt rate is using
    barely any CPU at all. Each time an interrupt happens, kernel
    level code services the interrupt. And a high rate of spurious
    interrupts (interrupts unrelated to user activity), can soak up
    all of the CPU.


    Another question for you. Did you install the "keyboard driver"
    which came with the keyboard ? As a rule, I *never* use the
    CD that comes in the keyboard box. And if Windows Update
    offers a driver, I don't accept that either. The "extra keys"
    on the keyboard might not work, but then, I'm never bothered
    by bugs in that "free" software. I like my keyboards to work
    with nothing more than the HID (human interface device) driver
    provided by the OS. Sometimes, that software, for turning the sound
    volume up and down with "multimedia" keys at the top of the
    keyboard, is buggy stuff.

    Paul, Dec 1, 2011
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  3. Julie Bove

    Julie Bove Guest

    No. It seems to be only Facebook and to a lesser degree, Hot Coupon World.
    I can post at other forums with no problems.
    Hmmm... I don't know if flash is enabled or not. I will look.
    I see...
    Yeah. And nothing was turned up on Malwarebytes or Norton. And I am the
    only one using the computer.
    I will try that.
    There was no driver with this keyboard.

    The weird thing is that my friend had the problem and then I had it. And
    still have it. And all of a sudden I have it at other places.
    Julie Bove, Dec 1, 2011
  4. Julie Bove

    Paul Guest

    Have you received any email with attachments, from your friend ?

    Some malware spreads via removable drives, or media where "autorun"
    is possible.

    Microsoft's policy on autorun has been all over the place.
    If I had a choice, I'd disable that vector completely. Nothing should
    ever autorun! Users should be expected to click "setup" if they want
    to install something.

    Paul, Dec 1, 2011
  5. Julie Bove

    Julie Bove Guest

    I will look into it. Thanks!
    Julie Bove, Dec 1, 2011
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