kernel32.dll problem and WinXP

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by divoch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. divoch

    divoch Guest

    I am now getting this message when I try to log onto CWClient:

    CWClient.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for
    the inconvenience caused.

    More details>
    AppName: cwclient.exe AppVer: ModName: kernel32.dll
    ModVer: 5.1.2600.2045 Offset: 00012a5b

    I have recently upgraded to WinXP. I think that kernel32.dll is part of Win
    98 and so I wonder if this problem has been
    created by the upgrade? What do I need to do to fix it? Reinstall a CW

    divoch, Sep 10, 2006
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  2. divoch

    Duane Arnold Guest

    No, kernel32.dll is a MS O/S component that 32 bit programs use to make
    calls to subroutine programs which is a library of programs used by a
    program to talk to the O/S.

    It may be that the program cwcline.exe that was running on the Win 9'x
    O/S cannot use the kernel32.dll on XP, because that version of
    kernel32.dll doesn't have what it's wanting to use, it's there but
    program interfaces between the two programs is different and the
    programs cannot interface with each other.

    Maybe, there is version of cwclient.exe that works on the XP O/S. Or you
    can check with the company that wrote the program and see what they advise.

    You might try to reinstall the program as the Upgrade to XP might have
    hosed something. You never know. But some programs have to be certified
    to run on XP.

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Sep 10, 2006
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  3. divoch

    divoch Guest

    Re-install did do the trick, so I submitted a problem report to Orchid
    divoch, Sep 10, 2006
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