keeping Mozilla in memory

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by wc, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. wc

    wc Guest

    I am using Mozilla 1.7. With every version I have used, it will not stay in
    memory when I shut down the computer, even though I have gone to Edit,
    preferences, advanced, and then checked "keep in memory" . . . thus a long
    wait when I click on the browser to appear.

    I have previous versions of Netscape 4.8 and also 7.1 on my computer, would
    they be the cause of this?

    Any advice or instruction will be appreciaated.

    wc, Jul 31, 2004
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  2. wc

    Grinder Guest

    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your dilemma, but I don't think you can
    expect anything to remain in memory when you computer is shut down.
    Short of a tiny bit of memory for BIOS, all memory is cleared when the
    power is turned off.
    Grinder, Aug 1, 2004
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  3. I believe "keep in memory" applies when you close Mozilla, rather than
    turn off your computer. Mozilla does not give back its RAM area for use
    by other programs and the O/S. So, it's there waiting when you start
    Mozilla again.

    However, depending on your machine, you can "suspend" its operation
    rather than "shut down". This is similar to a power off but keeps
    enough around to restart after putting the memory and CPU in a low-power
    sleep state. "Hibernate" is related and saves the whole machine state
    in a file and restores it when power is next turned on. Hibernate is
    very slow, so it's best to keep your house in order and do a normal
    William W. Plummer, Aug 1, 2004
  4. wc

    slacK_ Guest

    I think he means that when he turns back on the computer mozilla is no
    longer loaded. Along with the "keep in memory" check box I think there
    is a option to load mozilla when the computer starts up. If not go to
    start and run and type "msconfig" without the quotes and look for
    startup items on one of the tabs and make sure Mozilla is checked.
    slacK_, Aug 1, 2004
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