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Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Belinda, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Belinda

    Belinda Guest

    I want to download Kazaa 3.0. When I try to do this a panel with "what
    should Firefox do with this file" appears giving me only one option to save
    to disk. Do I really have to save to disk or can my settings be changed.
    Belinda, Mar 3, 2005
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  2. Belinda

    Moz Champion Guest

    ?? you said you wanted to download it, but you dont want to save it to disk?

    thats what downloading is, saving to disk.

    hmm, disk in this case means your hard drive actually

    what else would you want to do with the file?
    Moz Champion, Mar 3, 2005
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  3. Belinda

    Belinda Guest

    Ok, fair enough, thanks.
    Belinda, Mar 3, 2005
  4. Belinda

    JediFans Guest

    Please remember Kazaa is a POS proggie that has lots of nice spyware for
    ya... do urself a favour and dont get it, winmx is a spyware free file
    sharing client although i hate any FSC so i mean there ya go...
    if u have installed kazaa, uninstall it and download spybot from
    www.spybot.info, install, update then scan

    JediFans, Mar 3, 2005
  5. Belinda

    Big Will Guest

    Dude, if you're smart enough to use Mozilla products, then you should be
    smarter then that to download Kazaa, as it comes bundled with spyware on
    top of spyware. While I don't publicly condone any file sharing
    networks (and while this may be going kind of OT for this group), you
    may want to consider Ares Galaxy instead, just make sure that you
    opt-out of the spyware package that comes with it during installation
    (that way the spyware that comes with it will never be installed).


    Big Will, Mar 3, 2005
  6. Or eMule, which is open source, free of spyware and dead easy. (Only
    used to get stuff which is out of print, honest!)


    David H
    David Harrison, Mar 3, 2005
  7. Belinda

    Big Will Guest

    a neat little tool for dealing with Kazaa is called KazaaBGone. You can
    get it from computercops.biz (mirror) or google it for the originial site.


    Big Will, Mar 3, 2005
  8. Belinda

    Drude Guest

    I think her problem is that it only gives her the choice of 'Save to
    disk', but not 'Run' or 'Open'. Personally, I think it's always best to
    save anything to disk before running it...that way you can virus-scan
    the file. And store it in a folder if you think it's something you may
    want to keep.

    As for Kazaa...I'm strongly opposed to stealing music, but some people
    use it just to preview tunes or for other reasons. I myself have used
    it several times to check out music by a band...and then gone out and
    BOUGHT the album...and sometimes I've used it to check out music that
    made me NOT buy the album!

    Anyway... I'll make no judgement.

    Try something other than Kazaa...or search out 'KazaaLite', which is
    spyware-free. It's difficult to find, though, as many sites either try
    to make you pay for it, or have you open unsafe files...so be careful.

    Drude, Mar 3, 2005
  9. Belinda

    The One Guest

    Spybot wont touch an increasing number of lovely spyware use Ad-aware or
    The One, Mar 3, 2005
  10. Belinda

    Moz Champion Guest

    You save it to your computer, then run or open it.
    Moz Champion, Mar 4, 2005
  11. Belinda

    jim Guest


    Thank You. I needed a good laugh !!!!

    jim, Mar 6, 2005
  12. Belinda

    jim Guest

    Yes, and I'll second this.....
    You DO NOT want Kazaa on your computer....
    I got blasted with spyware from that POS. I killed it, and let spybot
    clean up the mess, along with AdAware and HijackThis.
    jim, Mar 6, 2005
  13. Belinda

    Me & Guest

    Can you provide a URL for this download file, please?
    Me &, Mar 6, 2005
  14. Belinda

    Big Will Guest

    here's one. www.f**kinggoogleit.com (it's a real website, for decency
    sake, some letters have been replaced with *, so replace the * with the
    correct letters if you're interested in checking it out).
    Big Will, Mar 6, 2005
  15. Belinda

    Big Will Guest

    Big Will, Mar 6, 2005
  16. Belinda

    jim Guest

    While I do agree that Kazaa is bad software, I have never understood
    they people are so upset over the so called "stealing music". I dont
    understand how anyone can consider MP3s music. I have downloaded some
    of them back when the craze first started and they were free. But
    there's no way I would pay for them, nor would I spend hundreds of
    dollars for a MP3 player like that Ipod. It's all a waste of money,
    and in many cases even time. It would take me over half a day to
    download a full album of lets say 10 songs. If I have to pay a buck a
    song, thats $10, plus tying up my phone line for a 12 or more hours.
    Then I am going to use up a large chunk of my harddrive to store the
    stuff, and I am still stuck with a poor quality mediocre sounding fake
    of the actual music. If I got to pay $10 for a downloaded album, for
    another $6 or $7 I can buy the CD, wont have to tie up my phone and
    computer, wont waste a huge chunk of my harddrive, and will have GOOD
    sounding music. Mp3s were designed to be samples. They are not the
    real music. I'm an old timer, and I know what good quality
    hi-fidelity music sounds like, and you'll never get it out of a MP3.
    Apparently the youth today have never heard what real music sounds
    like, because if they did, they'd realize they are throwing their
    money away for all those MP3s and expensive players. If I download a
    MP3, it's just to see what a song sounds like. If I like it well
    enough, then I buy the tape or CD. (Suppose I better not say tape,
    they are near impossible to find these days). Of course, vinyl albums
    are not even made any longer, and they were superior to CDs for sound
    quality, at least till they got scratched. But I was raised back when
    vinyl albums were the way we got our music, and we had stereos with
    BIG speakers, such as 12 inch or larger woofers, not these 4 inch toy
    speakers that lack both the bottom and top end of the spectrum, so the
    system makers try to compromise with electronic filtering and
    boosting, which never really sounds like the original music did.

    Anyhow, my point is this. If I download music, it's to see if I like
    it well enough to buy it. If I do, I buy it, if not, I listen to it
    once or twice and delete it, because I am not going to waste precious
    drive space to store junk. All this nonsense of arresting people for
    so called "stealing music" is just another way for the government to
    harass people and make money. While there may be some people who are
    satisfied with poor quality samples, and never buy the actual CD,
    charging people to download these MP3's is losing those of us who
    would actually buy their CD if we knew what was on it. Back when I
    was young, the radio stations played all the latest music, and if we
    heard something we liked, we bought the album. But now a days, the
    radio stations only play the top 10 hits over and over and never play
    anything else. So, how else will those bands that do not make the top
    10 get any notice, if people cant download Mp3s? I'll admit, there
    have been a few songs that I downloaded, and saved, but thats only
    because I sort of like the song, but would not buy that bands music
    because I just am not all that crazy about them. So, what are they
    losing? I listen to their song a few times, but I would not buy their
    CD whether I got the MP3 or not.... So, nobodys losing any money just
    because I got a song on my harddrive that I would not buy anyway.

    jim, Mar 6, 2005
  17. Belinda

    GFRfan Guest

    Well, the music I listen to sounds really bad on MP3 download. The
    reason is that what we listen to is real music. Rap crap and hip hop
    would sound the same if it's played through a $10,000 sound system as it
    would through a 1930's Victrola. Therefore, MP3 is just fine to those
    fans. End of story.
    GFRfan, Mar 6, 2005
  18. Belinda

    Travis Evans Guest

    Not everyone are audiophiles or have perfect hearing like you. ;-)
    But for those who have broadband Internet connections, it's not uncommon
    for a 5MB file to be transfered in 30 or so seconds.
    For dial-up connections without a second dedicated phone line, that's
    Raw uncompressed audio takes up even bigger chunks of space than MP3...
    Maybe it's just me or I don't have perfect hearing, but I can't tell the
    difference in quality from a well-encoded MP3 version to the original.
    Some of the songs you could download weren't the best sound quality,
    though, but I've heard worse quality sound before (voice recordings done
    on cheap microcassette players at low tape running speed, recordings
    done on old non-HiFi audio VHS decks,... ). Maybe I'm just an optimist.
    I haven't verified this since I never buy CDs (not enough good songs on
    a disc, and it's too hard to find anything good, anyway), but I've heard
    that some CDs are priced well over $10-$15, sometimes even $20.
    I can't tell the difference; I've compared many times and tried. Not
    everyone's hearing is perfect. Actually, I'm glad--many of the music I
    listen to came from various sources (tapes, VHS, etc.), most of which
    don't sound all that great... if I were that picky, I'd never be able to
    enjoy anything.

    I'm not disrespecting great sound quality. I want good sound, too, but
    as long as it sounds okay to me, I have no problem, and I just don't
    happen to be that picky. Apparently, most people I know are even less
    picky than I am (and I still consider myself pretty picky about sound
    A well-encoded MP3 sounds better to me than cassette. Really
    high-quality cassette and a really high-quality tape deck to play back
    on might be an exception, but those are hard to come by nowadays (and
    still expensive, last time I checked).
    One drawback: they're not too portable. [I've never heard of a vinyl
    Walkman ;-) ] Of course, that may not matter to some people, but
    portability matters to me.
    That's fine.

    Another reason I prefer MP3s (or more precisely, a portable MP3 disc
    player) is because I can fit a large amount of music on a CD-R--a lot
    more than standard CD audio. Not all of the stuff I collected sounds
    the best in the world, so it wouldn't benefit much from being
    uncompressed. As long as the quality is acceptable (and I frankly can't
    tell the difference in most instances), I have no problem. That's just
    the tradeoff that I have decided is reasonable for my own personal taste.
    That makes sense, though--downloading MP3s shouldn't cost anywhere as
    much as the original, uncompressed version.
    I also don't think that the record companies are really losing much
    money, because the majority of people downloading the files probably
    wouldn't have bought the albums anyway, even if they couldn't download them.

    In my opinion, the record companies should stop complaining, stop
    wasting their time and resources trying to take away the public's
    fair-use rights, munging CD audio and crippling CDs' error-correction
    mechanism with all this so called anti-copy garbage, and just sell
    something the public actually wants. Then maybe if they weren't so
    greedy, they wouldn't have to worry about losing that much money.


    [My email address listed is valid, but may change from time to time to
    reduce spam. When emailing me, please check one of my recent Usenet
    messages to make sure you are using the current address; otherwise, I
    may not receive your message.]
    Travis Evans, Mar 7, 2005
  19. Belinda

    Justin Guest

    Justin, Mar 11, 2005
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