K-Meleon goes into the Trash

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by netuser, May 24, 2011.

  1. netuser

    netuser Guest

    There was a time when I liked K-Meleon, but it's gotten nearly
    unusable. Repeated script errors all the time. Sure, I can disable
    java script to stop these errors but half these sites dont work
    without it. I looked for support and found that there is little
    support for this browser, as well as nothing being done to remedy the
    problem. I'm running ver. 1.5.4, which is the latest except for a
    beta version (I dont use beta versions of any software). I have come
    to the conclusion the best solution is to just trash K-Meleon. I had
    lots of potential, but seemed to lack any interaction with it's users.
    I gave it a good shot, but it's now history.
    netuser, May 24, 2011
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  2. netuser

    Ralph Fox Guest

    On Tue, 24 May 2011 05:27:46 -0500, in message <>
    No such script errors here.

    BTW you didn't answer any questions about those script errors.
    Ralph Fox, May 24, 2011
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  3. netuser

    netuser Guest

    Unless I'm not seeing all the posts on here, you're the first response
    to this post, so what are the questions? I get these script errors
    nearly eveeytime I use the program. I will not that sites from the
    media are the worst, such as local tv stations, CBS, FOX, CNN, etc
    news station websites.

    I find it hard to believe you dont get those script errors unless you
    have java script disabled, or dont go to these type of websites. I'm
    assuming you're using ver 1.54.

    BTW: I have seen numerous commeents online about these errors, by
    googling, but no solutions. I did read that the "engine" in this
    version is obsolete.

    I will also not that I tried this on 2 computers, using 3 OSs. Win98,
    Win2000, and XP. I'm on dialup, not that this matters.
    netuser, May 25, 2011
  4. netuser

    jeff g. Guest

    I saw no such questions either...
    Using FF 4.0, I get tons of script errors so don't feel like the lone
    ranger - there must be a reason for this behavior but I really don't
    care about it much since performance degradation hasn't been noticable.
    Looks like bad coding on the part of websites, not FF problem. wiki
    is a sure source, as is MarketWatch.....

    Don't think that is the problem - it isn't the browser beyond using
    strict rendering, which means the errors have to be lived with.
    What - didn't try it in win 3.1?
    jeff g., May 28, 2011
  5. netuser

    Ralph Fox Guest

    Go back to this thread in February.
    Post #1: http://al.howardknight.net/msgid.cgi?ID=130662607400
    Post #2: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.fan.mozilla/msg/820dc481a930e2fb

    Look at his NNTP-Posting-Host header - the "Dm50EPYY7G23nNJE7/glRQ"
    is AIOE's hash of his IP address. Check the history of each of the
    nyms, and you will see the IP hash never changes -- it is a static
    IP address. The most which might reasonably claim
    is that he is sharing an Internet connection with ,
    , , and others.

    It is unusual for someone on dial-up to have a static IP address.
    And a dial-up user won't be sharing an Internet connection to any
    large degree.

    FYI he has acquired a bit of a reputation in other newsgroups,
    where he is recognized by his static IP address.
    Ralph Fox, May 29, 2011
  6. netuser

    jeff g. Guest

    jeff g., May 29, 2011
  7. netuser

    netuser Guest

    You know, I totally forgot I even posted this before. At least on
    this group, because I think I did post it on one of the Windows
    groups. Hell, I got beginners alzheimers. I can go out to my car 3
    times to get a pack of smokes and come back with something else each
    That's a good reason to avoid FF4. I dont have that problem in FF3.
    But FF3 has this crazy issue where it is constantly going into offline
    mode. I wish I could entirely disable offline mode. I have never
    used it.
    I do agree that some if not most is crappy web design. What gets me
    is that the news sites are the worst. I thought their purpose was to
    bring us the news, not make their sites so overloaded with crap they
    dont work properly. At the same time K-Meleon must have soem issues
    because FF3 dont do this.
    Actually I am running Win98se with an enhancement, most of the time.
    I could care less to run the latest MS bloatware OSs. This
    enhancement allows 98 to run FF3 and other software made for XP. I
    have Win2000 as a dual boot, mostly only used for USB support, because
    that is the one thing about 98 that it lacks.

    I have XP on my laptop, only because it's needed for the WIFI card. I
    personally find XP annoying if not repulsive.

    Anyhow, K-meleon gets these errors on any of these 3 OSs.
    netuser, May 30, 2011
  8. netuser

    netuser Guest

    What we have here is a Cyber Stalker. These are the creeps we often
    hear about of the news. The type that stalk children and such.
    Instead of spending a couple minutes answering the question I asked,
    he probably spend hours tracking IP addresses and searching archives.
    I often ask why creeps like this bother. Apparently they have no life
    to waste all their time in this way.

    Personally I dont give a rats ass what this creep says about me. I'm
    perfectly capable of dealing with scum like this, and if he wants to
    persue this and show up on my doorstep, I would not hesitate to use
    any weapon of my choice for trespassing. However, if there was a
    child involved, I would already have the federal officials involved.

    Anyone with the knowledge and time on their hands can spend their life
    tracking anyone online if they want. Personally I have a life and
    could care less what others do online. I ask advice from strangers,
    and sometimes they are right, other times wrong, but it's only advice
    and I never take things literally, but will often try some of these
    fixes particularly on a computer, if more tan one person agrees.
    Those who are assholes and trolls on usenet or any other online forum,
    get filtered and never heard from again. Usenet and Facebook seems to
    harbor idiots, and many need to be blocked.

    However this "Ralph Fox" creep and a few others like him come to these
    groups solely to post their stalking results on these groups. Which
    in the long run is just asking for prosecution, particularly if
    children are involved. Trolling and being an asshole online does
    nothing other than ruin the online experiences for others. But cyber
    stalking is a federal offence and can result in the stalker getting
    prison time. I can guarantee that I'll be one of the first people to
    contact the authorities if I witness stalking or any other abuse of
    children online.

    The question that I posted about K-Meleon was fully on topic for this
    group. When I originally posted the question in February, I got no
    response, other than from this creep, who obviously did not know the
    answer at that time, and only wanted to ask me questions, which I had
    already clearly stated the problem and there was no need to repeat
    myself. This was the only reaponse I got, and is why I had totally
    forgotten I had even posted the question back then. Actually I do now
    recall this Ralph Fox saying he never got such errors. I personally
    do not believe this, unless he's using another version or something.
    I more believe he does not even use K-Meleon and had no intention of
    offering help in the first place. His only intent was to cyber stalk
    on this group, and likely does it on other groups. Because if he was
    really using K-Meleon, he WOULD be getting script errors. As long as
    I have Java Script enabled, I probably average one script error in one
    out of every five websites I open.

    This newsgroup has become pretty much useless as far as support for
    ANY and ALL Mozilla products. And as I stated in my recent post,
    there simply is no support for K-Meleon. Firefox now has it's own
    newsgroup, but K-Meleon only has their own "help blog" which I find
    useless. Most of the stuff on there is older than dirt. I once
    thought that K-Melon was the best browser available. Firefox used to
    be the best, but they have become another bloated resource hog. And
    worse they never fix known bugs in upgrade versions. K-Meleon also
    had features not found in any other browser, which I liked. I realize
    that much of this problem is due to faulty web pages, but at the same
    time, I am not willing to cope with this any longer. If it was simply
    a matter of an error message, I might cope with it, but these errors
    normally cause K-M to freeze up for as much as 3 minutes, before
    finally popping up the script error message, which I have to click on
    to end the problem. In the meantime, K-M has done nothing to fix the
    problem. I finally just decided to dump the browser. No browser is
    perfect, and honestly none of them are what I would consider "GOOD".
    Of the big 3, Firefox, IE and Opera, I will only use FF. In my
    opinion, IE and Opera are garbage. I've tried several of the lesser
    known browsers, and most were crap. However K-M was the one that
    stood out, and as I said before, I once thought it was the best of the
    best. But it failed with these newer websites, and it appears to be a
    dying breed. In the end, I'll just stick with Firefox unless some
    other (much needed) new browser is created.

    As for Ralph Fox, dont even bother to respond to me again. Normally
    I'd filter you out of my newsreader, but in your case, I'll be
    watching you. You want to cyber stalk people, so if I find you
    stalking children, be assured you will be dealing with the law.

    By the way, Ralph Fox, you're not very good at your stalking, because
    much of what traced was incorrect. Do yourself a favor. Sell your
    computer and take up another hobby such as stamp collecting or
    masturbation. You might be better at one of them.
    netuser, May 31, 2011
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