JVC Unveils Affordable Professional HD DVD Player.

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    SRDVD-100U decodes a variety of media formats and offers remote file
    playback capabilities (June 09,2005)

    JVC's SRDVD-100U ProHD DVD player

    JVC 's SRDVD-100U ProHD DVD player
    JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY revolutionizes the high definition
    viewing and distribution process with the introduction of the
    SRDVD-100U, ProHD media player. The SRDVD-100U provides an economical
    way of viewing and distributing true HD recordings in a variety of
    file formats including HDV 's MPEG -2 and Windows Media Video.

    Unlike advanced disk formats still under development, the SRDVD-100U
    utilizes a standard red laser DVD player combined with a decoding
    engine compatible with several popular HD file formats. MPEG -2 files
    created with HDV camcorders can be saved onto a common recordable DVD
    disk using any commercial DVD recorder , and then played back on the

    “The industry isn't going to wait for blue laser players. The
    onslaught of high definition programming brought about by HDV cameras
    and recorders demands a readily available disk playback system now,”
    said Tim Tokita, product marketing manager for JVC PROFESSIONAL
    PRODUCTS COMPANY. “The SRDVD-100 is the perfect complement to our new
    ProHD lineup of cameras and recorders. JVC is proud to deliver an
    innovative product that meets the demands of the professional market.”

    With an auto-play, auto-repeat function, the SRDVD-100U is an ideal
    component for retail outlets with unattended displays and kiosks as
    well as for corporations with videos demonstrations in lobbies and for
    tradeshow booths. The DVD player allows for a continuous video loop
    and will repeat until the stop bottom has been selected.

    The SRDVD-100U also comes equipped with a standard RJ-45 jack for IP
    network connectivity that allows for network file playback. An IP
    address is automatically assigned under DHCP. Multiple players can
    playback files from a single server as well. The SRDVD-100 comes with
    AveL Link Server software for use with Windows or MacOS X10.3.

    The SRDVD-100U ProHD DVD player is Windows Media Video (WMV9)
    compatible, which offers higher compression levels and provides longer
    recording times on DVDs . Non-linear editing systems that provide WMV9
    output allow users to create DVDs with up to two hours of HD content
    with standard inexpensive red laser DVD disks.

    Additional features of the SRDVD-100U include a DVI output connector
    with HDCP compliance and component analog outputs for 780p/1080i. With
    HDCP you can playback commercially recorded DVDs . In addition, users
    can play standard definition DVDs with the player’s ability to
    up-convert them to HD for the highest image quality viewing
    experience. Users can also view still photos up to 2048 x 1532

    In addition, the SRDVD-100 includes a front panel USB 2.0 connector to
    view other media files stored on solid state memory from a digital
    camera or from external hard disk drives. The SRDVD-100 supports most
    media types including USB Memory Stick, I-O Data HDD products, and any
    FAT16/32 storage device or card reader.

    and I-O Data and will be distributed exclusively by JVC . The
    SRDVD-100U will be available September 2005 with a suggested list
    price of $399.00. Additional information and high-resolution photos
    are available on JVC ’s Web site at http://pro.jvc.com.

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    Allan, Jul 11, 2005
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