Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by The Real Truth MVP, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. The Real Truth MVP

    NotMe Guest

    My extended family is foster to adopt. When we go out either locally or on
    a road trip it's like a junior UN. Our black, mixed race (aka dark skin)
    and Hispanic kids get nailed right and left by police who's attitude and
    approach are only thinly veiled racism.

    We experience very little outward racism from John Q Public, the police OTOH
    are something to watch and watch out for. It is true that it is a small
    percentage but one greater than the general public and something that should
    not be tolerated.
    NotMe, Jun 17, 2010
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  2. The Real Truth MVP

    NormanM Guest

    If a cop is operating in a neighborhood which is 90% black, it is 90% likely
    that any violator he catches in the act will be black. So what?
    The only cold reality is that a cop is more likely to see a black
    perpetrator in a black neighborhood.
    Objection, your honor. Assumes facts not in evidence!

    I know more than a few police officers, some who are even black. I've talked
    to them at police memorials. I know that the black killers of two white cops
    (San Francisco and San José, California) asserted that they were "defending
    themselves, and claimed that the officers they killed were racists. There is
    no evidence that either was. The S.F. officer had black friends helping him
    set up his new house. The S.J. officer had not been on the streets long
    enough to develop a reputation in the neighborhood he patrolled. Which,
    incidentally, was not a black neighborhood, and his last radio report to
    dispatch was that he was pulling a car over for driving without his lights
    on. At 4:30 AM. Why no lights? Why in an affluent neighborhood with no

    You, sir, are clearly as prejudiced as any white ever was (at the risk of
    making an unwarranted assumption).
    NormanM, Jun 17, 2010
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  3. The Real Truth MVP

    richard Guest

    Wemembew Wodney King? Who wath beaten by thikth ow mowe offithewth
    whiwe on the gwound? They wewe aww highwy twained and theathoned kopth

    Thinthe when do you handquff a pewthon fow a yaywawking thitation? Wet
    awone the pewthon you'we tawking to ith being pewhapth a tad
    bewigewant and unkoopewatife? I'd thay thith kop wath wooking fow a
    fight and he made one happen.

    A twue pwofthionaw wouwd hafe had thome kind wowdth to thay to the
    wadieth about the weathonth behind uthing the ofewhead kwothwawk, yada
    yada, hafe a nithe day wadieth and go on. Not thith kop. He'th gotta
    thow off to them and anyone wattthing who the damn both ith awound
    hewe. Thith ith big bad white kop in a bwakk neighbowhood. If he'th
    done thith thkene wonth, he'th done it befowe pwenty. He oughta get
    hith ath kikked off the depawtment.
    richard, Jun 17, 2010
  4. The Real Truth MVP

    Big 666 Guest

    Mike Eaftew wote:
    The white konthpiwathy hath been with thwafewy and the Yim Kwow
    wathiaw kafte thyftemth, whitth the new Yim Kwow wath wethuwwekted
    aftew the Thifiw Wightth mofement of the 60'th to kowntew the Thifiw
    Wightth mofement, whitth wath engineewed by Thouthewn Demokwatth to
    pweath theiw foting membewth againft the Thifiw wightth mofement, ath
    they mofed ofew to the Wepubwikan pawty.

    White fowkth awe thmoking and deawing kwakk too, thothe that don't
    hafe the money to puwtthathe puwe kokaine, the poow whiteth that out
    numbew theiw witth kowntew pawtth. They awe diwty and widing diwty in
    theiw neighbowhoodth. And yet, they awe not being wathiawwy pwofiwed,
    bekawthe they awe a thewtain kowow of thkin, wook a thewtain way ow
    dwethed a thewtain way -- waided ow puww ofew and thent to yaiw, wike
    the bwakk ow bwown thkin.

    Why ith that? Why awe not the kopth in poow and middwe kwath white
    neighbowhoodth doing the thame thing ath they awe doing in the
    minowity neighbowhoodth to kontwow dwugth and kwime? Why awe they not
    going to yaiw pwopowtionatewy? The white kopth awe fwom thothe
    neighbowhoodth (they don't hafe witth man money eithew) don't kid
    youwthewf ath to what ith happening.

    The white man'th two wathiaw kafte thyftemth thwafewy and Yim Kwow
    pwayed heafiwy into kweating the quwtuwe and the bakkgwound fwom
    whitth they kame, whitth ith ftiww being enfowthed by waw enfowthement
    and the kwiminaw yuftithe thyftem fow thothe (the faft mayowity of
    bwakkth) that kannot ethkape it.

    That'th bekawthe they awe wabewed ath hawd kowe kwiminawth, whitth
    hath been konditioned in the pubwith'th mind befowe they efen got
    thewe. You know they kame fwom kwakk mamath tho any kwime they may do,
    a fiwft time offenthe, the book ith thwown at them. In the meantime,
    the fiwft time white offendew ith qut thome thwakk "oh he ow the wath
    mithguided and he ow the kan be thafed" tho wiww thend them on a
    diffewent path.
    But if you'we a poow bwakk and go to twiaw, thewe ith no one bwakk on
    the yuwy hawdwy, bequathe they hafe been thyftematikawwy wemofed by
    the pwothequtow, and you'we doomed --- pubwik defendew ow not. And
    witth bwakkth awe not going to twiaw a twiaw ftakked againft them,
    wike theiw poow kowntew pawtth. The poow awe pwea bawgaining not
    wiwwing to goto twiaw that hath been ftakked againft them to take a
    hawthew thententhe, ath oppothed to the white kowntew pawt.
    Big 666, Jun 17, 2010
  5. The Real Truth MVP

    M.L. Guest

    You're never going to convince whites that cops are doing the job that
    the KKK did decades ago.
    M.L., Jun 17, 2010
  6. The Real Truth MVP

    Jordon Guest

    WTF? Is that suppose to be justification for interfering
    with a police officer?
    Jordon, Jun 17, 2010
  7. The Real Truth MVP

    NormanM Guest

    I was stopped for a minor equipment violation (in California, CVC requires
    that the officer have a specific violation in order to effect a stop), and
    asked several questions. I live in a pretty upscale area of San José,
    California. I rarely see cops west of Lawrence Expressway. I am white. DWW?
    It is happening, here in the South S.F. Bay Area. (Assuming I even
    understood what you meant.)
    The cold reality is that the police are assigned to the beats where the most
    trouble occurs. I'd like to see more officers on the streets where I live.
    I'd like to see a 911 call response under 20 minutes. But this neighborhood
    is generally pretty quiet. The only reason there was even a cop to stop me
    for a fairly minor equipment violation was that there were reports of
    residential burglaries in this neighborhood at that time. Most of the
    trouble is occurring around King and Story roads on the east side of San
    José; where the Norteños and Sureños operate. There aren't that many blacks
    here; population is nearly 40% hispanic. Add the blacks and Asians, and you
    come to 51% (or a tad more). My white ass is not a majority here. There is
    no "majority" at all. The largest percentage is only about 48%! And the
    blacks, here, aren't all that troublesome.
    My point was that you are not offering any facts to support your assertions.
    I said not one damned thing about public defenders, trials, or the like.
    So that is an excuse to dismount from your ride and shoot the cop who pulled
    you over. Shoot him dead?
    So, if you are stopped for not having your lights on, stop, and talk with
    the officer. Don't pull your piece and shoot him dead.
    That is your problem; you are the one doing that, not I.
    NormanM, Jun 17, 2010
  8. The Real Truth MVP

    NormanM Guest

    Primarily because they are not.
    NormanM, Jun 17, 2010
  9. The Real Truth MVP

    NormanM Guest

    Um, we whites are the "racist", for not voting for The Obamassiah, for
    seeing through all the phony complaints about so-called racist cops?
    Repeating a lie often enough (that white cops are *all* thugs) does not make
    it so.

    By damn, blacks can be racist, too! :p
    NormanM, Jun 17, 2010
  10. The Real Truth MVP

    Jordon Guest

    Not in Seattle.
    Black or white if you run from a cop he's going to chase you.
    Black or white if you put your hands on a cop when he's trying
    to detain someone else, you're going to regret it.
    While I don't doubt that, it didn't happen this time.
    Jordon, Jun 17, 2010
  11. The Real Truth MVP

    NormanM Guest

    Sounds like a clerk not complying with store policy. I never "triple
    checked" any customers I.D. for check writing. Only required to check the
    driver license, or State I.D. card. Once.

    However, I seriously felt more threatened in the Arden Fair (Sacramento,
    California; where I put in some Christmas overtime) store than the
    Roseville, California store (where I worked my regular hours). Having every
    third black kid hurl vile epithets at me, having a kid curse my birth mother
    because I refused his school I.D. (which was not a legally valid I.D. for
    age restricted purchases); well, it was downright unwelcoming. My adrenaline
    level would rise when I got out of my car, and stayed high until I got home.
    But I never "triple checked" any customer there. I did get a little
    careless, once, and accepted bad paper from a black customer. I was severely
    reprimanded for that. It was actually worse to work in such a neighborhood
    than to just drive through (as I've done a thousand times in Hunter's Point
    (San Francisco, California).
    NormanM, Jun 17, 2010
  12. The Real Truth MVP

    Aardvark Guest

    "You is only picking on me 'cos I is black".
    Aardvark, Jun 17, 2010
  13. The Real Truth MVP

    Aardvark Guest

    "You is only picking on me 'cos I is black".
    Aardvark, Jun 17, 2010
  14. The Real Truth MVP

    Aardvark Guest

    "You is only picking on me 'cos I is black".
    Aardvark, Jun 17, 2010
  15. The Real Truth MVP

    Jordon Guest

    What's your answer? What should a cop do when he intends to
    write a citation and the guy (or gal) just walks away? What
    should the cop do when another person physically tries to
    restrain the cop when he's trying to detain the first person?
    And all the while the people are screaming obscenities? Talk
    them into complying?
    Jordon, Jun 17, 2010
  16. The Real Truth MVP

    Jordon Guest

    The incident happened in Seattle! Jaywalking anywhere in
    Seattle, in front of a cop, will get you a citation, in
    just about every neighborhood where streets are busy.
    It wasn't out of line and color doesn't have anything to
    do with it. You walk away from a cop when he intends to
    write you a citation and you'll get physically restrained.
    You physically interfere with a cop when he's trying to
    restrain someone else and you'll meet the pavement. Man,
    woman, black, white, doesn't matter.
    Jordon, Jun 17, 2010
  17. The Real Truth MVP

    Jordon Guest

    Not one word? Read the article. It actually did happened in

    I'm 54. Born, raised and lived here all my life. Believe what
    you want to believe but they're tough on jaywalking here.
    Prove the punch? What's that mean? A 30 year veteran of law
    enforcement training (teaches cops to be cops) was interviewed
    and he stated that it wasn't out of line.
    Jordon, Jun 17, 2010
  18. The Real Truth MVP

    Aardvark Guest

    LOL. Does the name 'Custer' ring any bells?
    Aardvark, Jun 17, 2010
  19. The Real Truth MVP

    Aardvark Guest

    I've seen video of a white US cop tasering a white woman five times. Shit
    happens where US cops are concerned. Far too often.

    The cops in this country are taught restraint- one caught on camera
    punching a member of the public would be out of a job pretty damn quick.
    There's no such crime as 'jaywalking' here anyway.
    Aardvark, Jun 17, 2010
  20. The Real Truth MVP

    Jordon Guest

    Google jaywalking and Seattle. If you can get by all the news
    coverage of this incident, you'll find lots about jaywalking in

    A year ago my wife (white) started to jaywalk. She made two
    steps onto California Ave in West Seattle (predominantly
    white) and a white motorcycle cop screamed at her to get back
    onto the sidewalk. I have no doubt that if she continued she
    would have been cited. I have no doubt that if the cop tried to
    cite her and she tried to walk away she would have been physically
    apprehended. And I have no doubt that if I (also white) had laid
    my hands on that cop my face would have been planted firmly on
    the concrete, placed in handcuffs and then driven downtown.
    Jordon, Jun 17, 2010
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