Just passed 70-320 today

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by uncleamos, May 4, 2005.

  1. uncleamos

    uncleamos Guest

    Gosh. That was a tough one.

    I used primarily Transcender for preparation and read every MSDN
    articles it recommended and some more. Have to say Transcender's focus
    is all wrong when compared to the exam that I've got. The real one
    placed a lot more emphasis on ADO.NET (which probably saved my bacon),
    XML and all kinds of deployment and configuration settings. A lot of
    things that I spend a lot of time on (thanks to Transcender) such as
    SOAP header and extension barely made an appearance. After completing
    all the questions, I was certain I was going to fail. Then I went
    back to all the questions that I marked and read them a little bit
    more carefully and perhaps more calmly. Still a lot of questions I
    didn't know the answer for sure, but I was at least able to eliminate
    one or two choices every time.

    At the end, I was both surprised (that I passed) and a little
    disappointed (passed with only 792). This is my 11th MS exam and
    probably the one passed with the smallest margin. Guess I should have
    spend more than a week and a half to prepare for this…

    BTW, just found out that I am MCAD for .net now. Ha!

    uncleamos, May 4, 2005
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