Just passed 70-320 - and here is my feedback

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by bb, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. bb

    bb Guest

    I just passed 70-320 with score of 905, for anyone about to take, here
    are some pointers which may be of help...

    *Study Areas*
    (small indicates less than 3 questions on the topic area, medium
    indicates areas you really need to know well to pass the exam)
    small - relationships between datasets expressed in xml
    small - debugging processes and serviced components
    small - deploying serviced components
    small - securing serviced component function calls
    small - windows services
    medium - mbr / mbv remoting objects
    medium - soap headers, advanced web services, tcp/http channels
    medium - hosting remoting objects in iis
    medium - declarative attributes for serviced components

    I used both MSPress and Amit Kalani. Kalani was definately the best, the
    chapter level tests were extremely helpful, url for book is here >

    Hope this is of some help, without giving away too much.


    bb, Apr 29, 2004
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  2. bb

    Yorkie Guest

    Congratulations! And thanks for the info, as it's going
    to be my next exam.

    Can I ask how many questions you got and the amount of
    time you were allowed ? Is it the standard 55-60
    questions and 2 hours ?

    Also, where all the questions multi-choice or were there
    any drag-and-drop order sequences ?


    Yorkie, Apr 29, 2004
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  3. bb

    bb Guest

    57 questions in 120 minutes + an extra 15 minutes for a survey at the
    end which i didnt participate in, as i was too excited to get my score.

    all questions were multi choice

    only 2 of the 57 were the multiselect multiple choice questions, i.e.
    select two of the following.

    out of interest, which book (if any) are you using?

    and i forgot to mention in my previous message, things that never came
    up (im not saying dont revise these, but in my experience they were not

    xml document validation
    asynchronous calls to remoting or webservices
    xml wire formatting
    calling unmanaged code
    bb, Apr 29, 2004
  4. bb

    Yorkie Guest

    I've got the full MS Self-paced Training Kit, but after
    buying the SQL Server 2000 book by MS Press for 70-229, I
    wasn't too impressed. I ended up buying the Que book by
    Thomas Moore which helped me pass that exam, so I've now
    gone and bought the Kalani books. Very easy to read and
    nothing like wading through mud like the MS books!

    You got a very good score on the exam! Have you got any
    more lined up, or have you got your MCAD now ?
    Yorkie, Apr 29, 2004
  5. bb

    bb Guest

    well ...

    i previously took the c# web apps one, and failed miserably with 611

    i did quite a lot of c# development about a year ago, then went back to
    a vb /asp project, then tried to do the c# web app exam by just reading
    the books and not doing any practical devleopment work .. and it showed!!

    i run the mcad training programme for this organisation, we are putting
    about 3 rounds of 3 developers through the programme. so its painful
    when i failed ;-)

    im probably going to go for the sqlserver next before doing the retake
    of the webapps. as ive quite a few years sqlserver development under my

    as for the high score, yes i surprised myself - ive not done a lot of
    remoting code in actual projects, however i have done a few soap related

    my method for passing this exam was
    1) 3 days of dedicated cram immediately before the exam
    2) using those chapter tests and recording my scores and using that as
    indicators on needing to re-read
    3) writing down my own summaries of each chapter (some cut and paste,
    and some note taking)
    4) when doing the exam go through all the questions only answering ones
    you definately know the answer to (i answered 37 on the first pass
    through - took approx an hour)
    5) dont use the mark for review option
    6) on the second pass through pick off all ones which you can best guess
    ( this left about 5 questions)
    7) final pass through wild guesses - after this pass i had 8 minutes left
    8) dont under any circumstances return to the questions and start
    changing answers - just click finish (even if you have time left)

    worked for me this time ( i didnt use this method last time, and felt
    that i changed answers, and didnt have a proper strategy first time through)

    bb, Apr 29, 2004
  6. bb

    Yorkie Guest

    Thanks for the info! The 70-229 one is pretty
    straightforward if you've got SQL Server experience. I
    was surprised that it didn't cover all the areas I
    thought it would (or could).

    It mainly concentrated on the new SQL Server 2000
    additions - partitioned views and linked servers, indexed
    views, user-defined functions - along with some questions
    on replication, logical design and a lot on performance
    tuning and security/ownership chains.

    The downside with the 70-229 exam is that there are only
    44 questions, which means that (a) you've got less margin
    for error as each question counts for a bigger
    percentage, and (b) the questions are quite long,
    especially when you've got Exhibits and scripts to read

    The Que book by Thomas Moore was brilliant, though.
    Highly recommended.
    Yorkie, Apr 29, 2004
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