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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by marianciuca, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. marianciuca

    marianciuca Guest

    Ciuca Marian

    The Internet is changing everything – how we communicate, get our
    news, play, and shop. And thanks to companies like SFI, how you make
    money – and where you make it – will never be the same again either.

    Launched in 1998, the SFI Marketing Group has become the world's
    largest Internet affiliate program. SFI has shown millions of men and
    women from over 190 countries worldwide how to cash in on the
    Internet. SFI can help you:

    • Get out of debt
    • Retire early with secure, ongoing income
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    • Buy a new car or new home
    • And MUCH MORE


    How to build a profitable business completely on the Internet from the
    comfort of your own home office.
    How to use SFI's powerful, proven, copyrighted system to create an
    income stream that can gradually replace your current job or career.
    How to earn income globally, 24 hours a day – both "front-end" cash
    AND ongoing, "back-end" residual Income ("do-it-once,
    get-paid-forever" style income).

    By simply referring people to your SFI Affiliate Website (which we
    provide to you FREE!), you can create an extra income stream of
    hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month when your referrals
    purchase any of our hundreds of products and services.

    Many of our affiliates do nothing more than print their SFI Web
    address on their business cards, stationery, etc. We take it from

    We host and maintain your Website for you, take the orders, handle all
    product shipment, and provide all customer service, too. Everything is
    provided at no cost to you. You just have to cash the commission

    You also receive

    FREE LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION to Six-Figure Income Newsletter – featuring
    exclusive interviews and insider success secrets from home-business
    $100,000 earners. A $149 annual value!

    FREE INTERNET INCOME!® COURSE – ongoing training on how to create
    multiple income streams worldwide via the Internet. A $295 annual

    Best of all, you can "test drive" the SFI system FREE – for as long as
    you like – with absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

    Click the button below to enroll free now and find out how SFI can
    change your life.

    marianciuca, Nov 21, 2004
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  2. marianciuca

    °Mike° Guest danger of losing his/her account.

    Abuse reports to:

    Originating IP:

    Posting through Google:

    Spamvertised web site:

    °Mike°, Nov 21, 2004
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  3. marianciuca

    Ionizer Guest

    And Spammers such as yourself are the scourge of the internet.

    Abuse report sent to: abuse
    Abuse report sent to: groups-abuse

    Ionizer, Nov 21, 2004
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