Jittery Disney DVDs

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by UncleMike, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. UncleMike

    UncleMike Guest

    On some -- not all -- of my Disney DVDs, there is a lot of jitteriness on
    the menus. Every few seconds there is a little downward jitter -- the image
    snaps dow a little bit and back up again. This is not to be confused with
    the restarting of the menu. And it is most noticeable on "Mickey Mouse in
    Living Color" and some of the other Disney Treasures series, and Finding
    Nemo. When actual content is running off the DVD, it's fine. But it is
    annoying, especially when running the Nemo menu backgraouns as "Virtual
    Aquariums." Anyone else have this problem? I'm running a Toshiba progressive
    scan component out into my HD Sony WEGA. And this doesn't happen on ANY of
    my other DVDs.
    UncleMike, Jan 21, 2004
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  2. UncleMike

    drsd2kill Guest

    The jitteriness might be that the player isn't using the proper method to
    create a progressive scan image from the menus. My JVC prog. scan player
    automatically adjusts to the "video" setting to the menus look just fine, but
    there are times when I have to go in and change the setup from "auto" to
    "video" for certain TV show discs, etc.

    See if you can go into the setup section of the disc and change the prog. scan
    output - it might be set to "film" instead of "auto" and that might be causing
    the trouble. I have the same discs you mentioned and they aren't jittery for
    drsd2kill, Jan 21, 2004
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