Jim Belushi/John Ritter movie "REAL MEN" on DVD

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by PDTV, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. PDTV

    PDTV Guest

    Hi folks,

    To the best of my knowledge, the film "REAL MEN" starring Jim Belushi
    and John Ritter has not seen an official DVD release. Therefore I've
    made my own, and I thought I'd post to see if anyone else would like a
    copy. I'd prefer trades (1:1 for DVD-R or 2:1 for VHS), but I'll also
    accept cash if you have nothing of interest to trade. E-mail
    for details.

    The disc is a DVD-R with a paper label, and has a still-image menu.
    Scene Selection is the only "feature" available on the disc (i.e., no
    bonus stuff). I am still designing the packaging, but I can e-mail
    you an image of what the cover looks like, as well as one of the main
    and scene menus. I have done my best to make this a
    professional-quality product, as this movie may never be released on
    DVD officially. The product will be shipped in a standard DVD
    keepcase with full sleeve insert, and will be sent via USPS "media

    If you would like to see other films released, or would like to
    receive information about upcoming releases, e-mail
    and I will let you know when new discs are ready.
    PDTV offers movies, cartoons, documentaries, and music videos
    (including concerts, etc.) from the 1980s that are presently
    unavailable on DVD. Several projects have already been cancelled in
    the planning stages due to official DVD releases, and if REAL MEN is
    ever released on DVD, this version will no longer be offered.

    Another film that should be ready to go soon is "MOVING VIOLATIONS"
    starring John Murray (brother of Bill Murray) and Jennifer Tilly.

    In addition, several Genesis concerts are being readied for release,
    including highlights from the Calling All Stations tour, along with
    VH1's "Behind The Music" special on Genesis.

    By the way, all PDTV releases are Region 1/NTSC.

    "REAL MEN" is a transfer from commercially-released VHS with the edges
    of the frame cropped to remove jagged edges, head-switching noise,
    etc. This is not visible on a standard TV, but cleaning up the edges
    makes the disc suitable for viewing on a PC or portable DVD player
    with LCD screen.
    PDTV, Jul 6, 2003
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  2. OR! or you could write to MGM and ask that they release "Real Men" on DVD.....
    Michael Allred, Jul 6, 2003
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  3. PDTV

    Max Volume Guest

    ....and I'll never forgive you for that.
    Max Volume, Jul 7, 2003
  4. PDTV

    Max Volume Guest

    Again, what good is waiting for the "legal" DVD when it may never
    happen??? Do you ALWAYS wait for the "WALK" signal (or for that
    matter, even wait until you get to a corner) to cross the street?
    Max Volume, Jul 7, 2003
  5. Only when I can be sure nothing is coming! (both for the dvd and x
    H E Pennypacker, Jul 7, 2003
  6. PDTV

    Max Volume Guest

    And exactly how are you going to be sure nothing is coming? I'd really
    love to know. The only method that springs to mind is that you wait
    until DVD is dead and the next thing comes along to take its place,
    like HD-DVD or something. By that point you could be reasonably sure a
    DVD won't be released, but then you'd just sit there waiting for the
    HD-DVD. For this title, there was no VHS reissue since it was
    originally released, so a DVD release is very unlikely -- especially
    since DVDs have been around for several years now.

    You don't want it, fine. Some of us aren't gonna be so blindly
    Max Volume, Jul 8, 2003
  7. PDTV

    john33907 Guest

    Which as many many posts have mentioned do not play well at all. They
    may be unbalanced or even shred inside the dvd player. I contacted the
    above seller and asked about getting one without a label.
    Sorry, all PDTV releases come with paper labels. You
    may want to avoid ordering if this is a problem.

    So I wont be ordering and I suggest others avoid any dvd discs with
    stick on labels.
    john33907, Jul 8, 2003
  8. PDTV

    Max Volume Guest

    Exactly. No effort is being made to hide that fact.

    Besides, why not just copy it onto an unlabeled disc???
    Max Volume, Jul 8, 2003
  9. I have no optimism. If it comes it comes, there only thousands of
    other interesting titles on disc now and a DVD mastered from a old VHS
    tape is not acceptable to me.

    If the film in question has been stated that it will never see any
    distribution then you could argue your point. But until then its blind
    pessimism ;-)
    H E Pennypacker, Jul 8, 2003
  10. PDTV

    Steve Hanson Guest

    This has got to be some kind of hoax.
    Steve Hanson, Jul 8, 2003
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