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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by B.W., Dec 16, 2006.

  1. B.W.

    B.W. Guest

    Re my recent post, Some websites wont open...

    ' I have a desktop (host), wirelessly linked to a laptop. I have a
    modem and a router, both the same brand, also I am running Windows XP
    firewall. My home network operates fine and I am able to share the internet
    and files etc. However when I go to a website although I can access the
    website part of it I can't with my desktop but can with my laptop.

    For example when I go to my local library and want to access my account I
    can with the laptop but not with the desktop. I read somewhere how one
    needs to open ports, could this be the problem?

    I spoke to a couple of techs and one agreed and one didn't. One tech
    suggested I use DMZ the other tech said no. I'm confused. There was a lot
    more to the discussion some of which I grasped and some I didn't.'


    Could Java vers 5. update 9 have anything to do with this???

    Sorry, but I am creating a new post as I felt maybe my last post will no
    longer be viewed.

    Many thanks all

    B.W., Dec 16, 2006
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