ITShield firewall V1.2 is released

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Ida Young, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. Ida Young

    Ida Young Guest

    ITShield Inc. ( released ITShield Firewall V1.2,
    which introduces some new features:
    1. ITShield Firewall can work in Pseudo-Bridge mode. Therefore, it is much
    easier to be deployed if you have many public IP addresses and want the
    firewall to protect your machines with these IP addresses.
    2. ITShield Firewall provides a free license(session number=15) for SOHO.
    You can choose DHCP or PPPOE during installing the firewall.
    3. proxy_http and proxy_ssl have built-in URL checker. If the blocked URL is
    GIF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, and SWF related media, they feed back a 1x1 blank
    4. proxy_http and proxy_ssl can remove popup window code and floating ADs
    code more intelligently. To use these feature, go to their Options windows,
    and select [Enable Popup Killer].
    5. Most of proxy_icmp and proxy_udp log messages can be turn off.
    6. The way of rolling log files is changed. Instead of cping messages to
    messages.1, the firewall renames messages to messages.1 when the messages
    file grows to about 150M. Although it makes "tail -f /var/log/message"
    unhappy, it makes the firewall stable on the old hardware

    ITShield Firewall, a transparent firewall, contains the advantages of all
    three critical firewall architectures - packet-filtering, Stateful
    Inspection, and application gateway firewall. Because application proxy
    provides the highest level of security and flexibility, ITShield Firewall
    handles all the sessions in application-level by default. ITShield Firewall
    can handle more than 5000 TCP sessions, unlimited UDP sessions, and
    unlimited IP sessions at application-level in parallel. Furthermore,
    ITShield Firewall can drop the unwanted requests at packet level. If the
    high-speed network traffic keeps the firewall very busy, the administrator
    can enable Stateful Inspection.
    Ida Young, Oct 1, 2003
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