Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by Hemang Shah, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Hemang Shah

    Hemang Shah Guest


    How does one go about getting certified in ITIL ?

    Hemang Shah, Aug 25, 2006
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  2. Hemang Shah

    Guest Guest

    Hi Hemang,

    Though there is no specific Microsoft ITIL (Information Technology
    Infrastructure Library ) certification that I know of, there is a course on
    MOF (Microsoft Operations Framework), which is probably the closest that
    Microsoft will get to that. The exam is 070-301: Managing, Organizing, and
    Delivering IT Projects by Using Microsoft Solutions Framework 3.0. For more
    information on that exam you can look at the Prep Guide at

    Good luck!


    Guest, Aug 25, 2006
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  3. Hemang Shah

    Thor Guest

    i read somewhere that
    mof course is or will be discontinued

    any confirmation on this?
    does this mean that soft skills will be discontinued?

    Thor, Aug 26, 2006
  4. Timo van Dort, Aug 26, 2006
  5. Hemang Shah

    James Wright Guest

    This page may be of interest to you -

    If you have experience in the IT industry and a degree of common sense
    then the ISEB Foundation exam can be taken without going on any courses

    James Wright, Aug 30, 2006
  6. Hemang Shah

    Hemang Shah Guest

    Thanks James

    I think a book to read before giving the exam would still be a good idea!

    How do we go about giving this exam in Toronto, Canada?

    Hemang Shah, Aug 31, 2006
  7. Hemang Shah

    Itil Admin Guest

    Itil Admin, Sep 3, 2006
  8. Hemang Shah

    James Wright Guest

    If you visit Prometric ( and select Information
    Systems Examination Board (ISEB) as the test provider then you should be
    all set.

    James Wright, Sep 5, 2006
  9. Hemang Shah


    Oct 28, 2010
    Likes Received:
    ITIL certification

    ITIL is certainly the course for any developer, I think so anyway.

    Any valid points out there, I have an ear for your comments!

    Idas, Oct 28, 2010
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