It was a slow day in microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by =?iso-8859-1?Q?Frisbee=AE_MCNGP?=, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. When suddenly...
    =?iso-8859-1?Q?Frisbee=AE_MCNGP?=, Oct 13, 2003
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  2. The swen32 virus appears with an important Microsoft update...
    Glenn D. Crosse, Oct 13, 2003
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  3. =?iso-8859-1?Q?Frisbee=AE_MCNGP?=

    JaR Guest


    and again,

    and again,

    Christ on a crutch, if I can at least tag the sumbitches as read with
    Outhouse, you'd think MS could find a way to block them entirely.

    Hey Bill! Didja know that there are filters that can stop most of this crap?

    Just trying to help.

    J.R. Jones
    A+ Net+ MCSA MCNGP#............................42
    JaR, Oct 13, 2003
  4. crap?

    My SpamNet catches about 95% of them, but it's still a pain. I'm down to
    under 750/day now, however, from over 2,000/day a couple of weeks ago. It's
    given me an excuse to move all my subscriptions over to a more, permanent
    account anyway. Now if I quit my job (or get fired) I won't have to worry
    about anything important going to my work account. I'll terminate the
    account in a few weeks, once I'm fairly confident I've moved everything that
    needs to be moved. Of course, once I close the account, I'll get that
    e-mail from a long-lost friend who'll think I'm snubbing them.

    I still can't believe I'm getting the brunt of a virus that OTHER people
    got. I used to look down on people who "hid" behind a handle with no real
    e-mail address. It's easy to be a jerk when you can't be accountable. Now
    I have to think that someone like that is the author of the worm. I'm far
    too trusting.
    =?Windows-1252?Q?Frisbee=AE_MCNGP?=, Oct 13, 2003
  5. =?iso-8859-1?Q?Frisbee=AE_MCNGP?=

    JaR Guest

    I've been munging my e-mail addies for quite a while, so I never got hit too
    bad. About 40-50 per day at the peak, and none on my home account. I use
    throwaways for anything on the web or usenet. When they get too much crap in
    their inboxes, they go away. Keeps the important accounts usable.

    Jeez, when I think of all the bandwidth that these asshats are burning up
    with Swen alone, it makes me think that the death penalty might be
    appropriate for virus/worm authors.

    BTW, I almost missed your post. I had Outhouse set to mark anything with
    'Microsoft' in the subject line as 'read'

    JaR, Oct 13, 2003
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