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    Secure Bytes audit and vulnerability assessment software Secure
    Auditor named “Versatile tool” and earn “Five Star Ratings” in SC
    Magazine Group Test

    Secure Bytes is really pleased to share this great news with its
    associates that Secure Auditor has been branded as a Five Star product
    by SC Magazine August 2008 edition. SC Magazine is among the world’s
    most prestigious Information Security magazines.

    In the comparative review with current available products in today’s
    market, Reviewers concluded the Secure Auditor evaluation with Verdict
    as a “Versatile tool.”

    It is summed up as a tool that “offers a great amount of flexibility
    and auditing capabilities for a broad range of different assets. We
    find this offering to be a good value for the money.” Reviewers
    commend Secure Auditor as intuitive to use and install. It is
    considered to offer great amount of flexibility and auditing
    capabilities for a broad range of different assets and a good value
    for the money.

    Secure Auditor earns highest star rating possible in overall rating
    category of a Comparative Review. It receives 5 out of 5 stars in
    Features, Performance, and Documentation categories which are being

    Secure Auditor receives reviewers praising immediately in the
    product’s published review as “A suite comprised of several different
    pieces designed to audit vulnerabilities across a broad range of
    systems. Because of this thorough analysis of a range of systems,
    administrators can be sure that all the various components across the
    networks are secure and up to date.”

    The review continues, highlighting other areas in which the Secure
    Auditor excels.

    Flexibility & Performance: “This product can scan many different
    platforms, and we found this flexibility to add greatly to the
    performance value of the product”

    Intuitive to Use: “We found this product to be quite intuitive to
    install and use. Installation takes just a few minutes and is guided
    by an easy-to-follow setup wizard.”

    Management & User Interface: “Management is done through a well
    organized user interface, which is also quite intuitive to navigate.”

    Secure Bytes appreciate SC Magazine's product review team for
    considering Secure Auditor in their recent group test for
    vulnerability assessment. It is a great recognition from a trusted
    industry leader like SC Magazine just within few months of Secure
    Auditor’s launch. It validates Secure Auditor performance and
    features. You can find more information and detailed review about
    Secure Auditor from following link.

    You can get more information about Secure Auditor functionality and
    features at or email me or sales at [email protected] Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Any inconvenience
    caused is regretted. Many Thanks.
    maria.wyne, Aug 16, 2008
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