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    7th IEEE International Symposium on

    Quality Electronic Design - ISQED'06

    The Leading Conference on Design for Manufacturing & Quality

    March 27-29, 2006
    DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, CA, USA

    Advance Registration deadline: March 14, 2006

    Please refer to ISQED web site at for information regarding
    the tutorials, conference, exhibits, and hotel registration. Direct all
    conference inquiries to . Early registration is recommended
    to take advantage of the discounted registration fee.

    ISQED 2006 is pleased to offer a single full-day tutorial track, presented
    by six experts in their respective fields. This tutorial track consists of
    two (2) major topics shown below. The first topic examines the critical and
    timely issues of "variability" and its impact in design with 65nm and finer
    CMOS technologies. The second topic explores the exciting field of emerging
    Nanoelectronic technologies and their application toward future ULSI

    Variability and Its Impact on Design
    Dr. Keith Bowman, Intel Corporation
    Dr. Michael Orshansky, University of Texas-Austin
    Dr. Sachin S. Sapatnekar, University of Minnesota

    Emerging Technologies for VLSI Design
    Dr. Rajiv Joshi, IBM T J Watson Research Center, NY
    Dr. Kaustav Banerjee, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
    Dr. Andre DeHon, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

    Two plenary sessions will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Six
    industry & academia leaders will discuss the issues surrounding electronic
    design, design for yield and manufacturability and other critical topics
    from various points of view. Plenary keynote speakers are:

    Dr. Risto Suoranta, Principal scientist & Research Fellow, Nokia Research
    Dr. Tohru Furuyama, GM, Toshiba SoC Research and Development Center
    Dr. Di Ma, Vice President of Field Technical Support, TSMC
    Dr. Raul Camposano, Sr. Vice President, CTO, and GM, Synopsys
    Dr. Changhyun Kim, Vice President and Fellow, Samsung Electronics
    Dr. Philip Wong , Professor, Stanford University

    ISQED is pleased to offer two high-power evening panel discussion sessions,
    where many leading experts, address the important issue of quality design.
    These panels would focus on the following topics:

    1 Power management and optimization challenges for sub 90nm CMOS
    designs - What is the real cost of long battery life?
    2 Soft IP Quality: Who is really responsible for quality throughout
    the design process?

    Simplicity and Executability: Cornerstones of Quality
    Michael Keating, Synopsys

    The exhibition is being held for the 1st time in conjunction with ISQED,
    features vendors who offer design tools and methodologies in the area of
    design for manufacturing and quality. Exhibit floor will be open on Tuesday
    March 28, in parallel with technical sessions. Complementary registration is
    available through the ISQED web site.

    ISQED Technical sessions start on Tuesday March 27, and continue until the
    afternoon of Wednesday, March 29. Beside the above plenary sessions, panel
    discussions, and workshops, the program consists of nineteen technical
    sessions featuring over100 papers on various challenging topics related to
    design for manufacturability and quality. A partial list of topics is shown
    below. Detail program would be available on the web at

    0 EDA Tools, Flows & IP Blocks; Interoperability and Implications
    0 Design for Manufacturability & Quality (DFMQ)
    0 Design Verification and Design for Testability (DVFT)
    0 Package - IC Design Interactions & Co-Design (PDI)
    0 Robust Device, Interconnect, and Circuits (RDIC)
    0 Physical Design, Methodologies & Tools (PDM)
    0 Effects of Technology on IC Design, Performance, Reliability, and
    Yield (TRD)
    0 System Level Design, Methodologies and Tools (SDM)

    Please refer to ISQED web site at for information regarding
    the tutorials, conference, tutorials, and hotel registration. Direct all
    conference inquiries to . Early registration is recommended
    to take advantage of the discounted registration fee.

    About ISQED
    The International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED) is a
    premier Manufacturing, Design & Design Automation conference, aimed at
    bridging the gap among electronic design tools and processes, integrated
    circuit technologies, processes & manufacturing, to achieve design quality.
    ISQED is the pioneer and leading conference dealing with design for
    manufacturability and quality issues front-to-back. The conference attendees
    are primarily designers of the VLSI circuits & systems (IP & SoC),
    process/device technologists, semiconductor manufacturing specialists
    including equipment vendors, and those involved in the R&D and application
    of EDA Tools & design flows. ISQED emphasizes a holistic approach toward
    design quality and intends to highlight and accelerate cooperation among the
    IC Design, EDA, Semiconductor Process Technology and Manufacturing
    communities. The conference spans three days, Monday through Wednesday, in
    three parallel tracks, hosting over 100 technical papers, six keynote
    speakers, two panel discussions, workshops /tutorials and other informal
    meetings. ISQED proceedings are published by IEEE Computer Society and
    hosted in the digital library. Proceedings CD ROMs are published by ACM.
    ISQED, Feb 17, 2006
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