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Discussion in 'Broadband' started by David, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. David

    David Guest

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  2. Roderick Stewart, Mar 16, 2015
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  3. David

    Davey Guest

    Davey, Mar 16, 2015
  4. David

    David Guest

    Yes Plusnet have had great results in the past from all directions which
    no doubt this survey reports.
    I have just joined and transfer was terrible.
    Reading the Plusnet forum others having the same bad transfers as myself
    and not getting help from PN Support to sort Openreach out over none
    attendance at homes or premisses.

    Also lots of customers unhappy with poor responses from PN Support to
    service problems.

    To me this seems to be a recent occurrence so the next survey could well
    move PN down the list unless they pull their socks up quick.

    David, Mar 16, 2015
  5. David

    chris Guest

    This is probably a side-effect of the advertising campaign and deals
    they've been running over the last few months. They're having a large
    influx of new customers which they're struggling to deal with.

    As an existing customer I was worried that the service would degrade,
    due to higher demand, however that doesn't seem to have happened. So,
    once your initial problems are solved you should have a good experience.
    chris, Mar 16, 2015
  6. I hope the experience of someone who has used many online and internet
    services since the days of bulletin boards, Prestel, Cix, Compuserve
    and Demon dial-up in the early 1990s is worth something. My background
    knowledge before that was broadcast television engineering, I am no
    stranger to electronics, and have only ever built my own desktop PCs.

    Some of my experience of ISPs is personal, and some of it secondhand
    from friends and colleagues, but whatever you think of the size of
    this survey, or "Which" in general, or what newspapers anybody reads,
    this particular grouping of ISPs literally did not surprise me at all.
    The companies I have come to regard as reliable and unreliable were
    all round about where I would expect them to be. It's not exhaustive
    or conclusive of course, but when a published survey corresponds so
    closely with one's personal experience, it suggests they've probably
    got something right.

    Roderick Stewart, Mar 16, 2015
  7. David

    Java Jive Guest

    I've had a case of non-attendance within the last year.
    Currently I have no landline phone, I cannot dial out or in, and
    broadband, when any connection is possible at all, has dropped to
    0.09Mbs. I reported this fault in the early hours of 13/03/15, and
    the same day was put on hold until 18/03/15, so that's five days with
    no landline phone and occasional, as now, barely usable broadband.

    "Your fault has now been raised with Openreach who we work with on
    Phone issues for further investigation. They have advised the
    estimated time for resolution is 18/03/15 21:00:00. Please note this
    is only a estimate and the fault could be resolved before this date,
    however we will continue to monitor for updates from them and if we
    are able to provide an update sooner than this we will do so.

    Please note, should an engineer find the cause of the fault to be on
    your internal wiring or setup then a charge of ?£50 will apply.


    Fault Type: Noisy
    Test Results: Test Result: Fail - Fault located between DP and
    customer apparatus (no appointment required)
    Description: Fault - Unbalanced Cable"
    Yes, they are nothing like as effective as I was led to believe before
    UK Residents: If you feel can possibly support it
    please sign the following ePetition
    before closing time of 30/03/2015 23:59:
    Please always reply to ng as the email in this post's
    header does not exist. Or use a contact address at:
    Java Jive, Mar 16, 2015
  8. David

    chris Guest


    Although I agree with tigger regarding the unbalanced Which? readership,
    the results do agree with other, less biased (IMO) surveys such as this one
    chris, Mar 16, 2015
  9. David

    Mark Carver Guest

    Well, the resolution of your fault is entirely in the hands of
    Openreach, all PN can do is give them a prod on your behalf.

    Is it a domestic account, or a business one ? Regardless of ISP,
    it's 'money' that talks, Openreach aren't going to pursue a domestic
    fault with the same 'enthusiasm' as a business one, which attracts
    more wonga.

    Believe me, at least dealing with BT directly is removed by using PN,
    and you'd be getting no where even faster with some other ISPs
    Mark Carver, Mar 16, 2015
  10. David

    David Guest

    Sky have a far better relationship with Openreach than Plusnet.
    David, Mar 16, 2015
  11. David

    Graham. Guest

    That's meaningless unless, you want to explain why.
    Graham., Mar 16, 2015
  12. David

    David Guest

    Said it before I'm sure but will explain.
    Twice with Sky I've needed an Openreach visit both times Sky offered me
    several 2 hours slots for the next day and they were kept on time.

    Reading of others in Plusnet forums Plusnet do not have this
    relationship, even today there is one PN say they will request an
    appointment and it will either be am or pm and if no fault found a
    charge of £50 might be levied.

    Also there is a statement Engineer did not show up.

    Seems Sky control OR, but OR control PN.

    I do have concerns for my future with PN as today the Moderator of the
    Forum commented on my speed figures they looked as if something wrong
    which I had not spotted.
    My figures do seem to be as with Sky but apparently I'm told with PN the
    Up speed should be higher than the 5Mb I get as he would expect it to be
    nearer 20Mb as this is what PN give which is higher than other providers.
    David, Mar 16, 2015
  13. Roderick Stewart, Mar 16, 2015
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