ISO setting verses exposure compensation - Kodak C330

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by larry moe 'n curly, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. My Kodak C330 has an adjusment for exposure compensation and another
    for manually selecting ISO 80-400. The manual says that both affect
    picture brightness, so what's the difference between the two?
    larry moe 'n curly, Oct 1, 2005
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  2. Exposure compensation: If the camera automatically selects the lens
    aperture and shutter speed, you may want, in some situations, to
    increase or decrease the brightness of the image. If the latter, for
    instance, then if you use + exposure compensation the camera will
    increase the exposure settings above and beyond what it would otherwise
    have used. So you are directly affecting picture brightness in your
    selection of + or - exposure compensation.

    ISO: This is basically setting the gain on the sensor. So for a given
    lens aperture and shutter speed, if you increase the ISO the sensor is
    more sensitive and the picture will be brighter. This comes at the
    expense of additional noise as the noise gets amplified also.
    john_doe_ph_d, Oct 1, 2005
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  3. larry moe 'n curly

    Roy Guest

    Above is correct. You are changing the exposure settings away from what the
    Camera indicates.

    Below is true, but it is unlikely that the OP will be using Manual Settings,
    and the extra brightness will not happen in any Auto Mode.

    Changing the ISO setting will make the Camera more or less sensitive to
    light. However the Camera Automation will then use a different Exposure
    Value (Shutter speed - aperture setting) from what it would have done at the
    previous ISO. The bright areas of the picture will mostly be just as bright
    as they would have been.

    However raising the ISO figure will allow the camera to work within a hand
    holdable Shutter Speed Range, when a lower ISO would have meant it being
    below this speed.
    Roy G
    Roy, Oct 1, 2005
  4. larry moe 'n curly

    Mr.Happy Guest

    I too have a Kodak c330.
    It's a fine little camera.
    Leave the ISO set at 80 or Auto; forget ISO400
    in the dark as the pics look horrible.

    I like to use the 2sec timer for stationary objects as it reduces shake
    when you press the shutter.
    Mr.Happy, Oct 2, 2005
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