ISO file inside an ISO file

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by miki__r, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. miki__r

    miki__r Guest

    i recently got a program packed in an ISO format. When I tried to
    unpack iz with winrar or burn it with Nero i got another ISO file with
    the same name as original. I tried to burn that second image and again
    I got ISO file with the same name as two before. I tried that five
    times with the same result. As if someone made image of the image file
    and did that i dont know how many times. All in all i dont know how to
    get to files in that image file so can anyone help me?
    miki__r, Apr 26, 2006
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  2. miki__r

    joevan Guest

    Try opening the ISO with win image or ISO buster. Maybe you have a bum
    joevan, Apr 26, 2006
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  3. miki__r

    Whiskers Guest

    Who did you get it from? Ask them.
    Whiskers, Apr 26, 2006
  4. miki__r

    miki__r Guest

    i downloaded it on eMule... so i really don't know who i got it from.

    Thanks for advice Joevan, i am downloading ISO Buster and i will try
    miki__r, Apr 27, 2006
  5. miki__r

    joevan Guest

    Well, what did you discover?
    joevan, Apr 27, 2006
  6. miki__r

    miki__r Guest

    doesn't work even with ISO buster. Maybe it is a corrupt file or
    somebodys idea of a joke... thanks anyway
    miki__r, Apr 27, 2006
  7. miki__r

    joevan Guest

    But you learned something from it anyway! I hope.
    joevan, Apr 27, 2006
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