Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Ivan Ostres, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. Ivan Ostres

    Ivan Ostres Guest

    Hi all,

    is anyone doing IPX over ISDN DDR (no IP, just pure IPX)? What kind of
    problems can I expect during deployment?

    Ivan Ostres, Sep 17, 2004
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  2. Ivan Ostres

    AnyBody43 Guest

    You can expect problems that very few people can help with.
    You can expect big phone bills (unless you can fix it).

    Perhaps a little more helpfully, I seem to recall that various
    kludges were developed to permit the somewhat broadcast happy
    IPX to operate economically over DDR. Snapshot routing???

    I am pretty sure that Cisco have specific fixes.

    If you need to know about IPX networking there was a very
    fine book by Laura Chappell on the subject. The most recent edition
    seems to be: Novell's Guide to LAN/WAN Analysis: IPX/SPX (1998).
    The book I know was
    Novells' Guide to Netware LAN Analysis, 2nd Edition
    Laura Chappell, Dan Hakes
    700 pp
    ISBN 0-7821-1362-1

    but this would be a good place to start after
    checking out

    Oh oh! I had forgotten about the watchdog packets. "ipx
    watchdog-spoof interface configuration command".
    See sections:-
    IPX over DDR Example
    Helper Facilities to Control Broadcast Examples
    Has many books.
    "Novell's Guide to Multiprotocol Internetworking by Laura Chappell,
    Roger L. Spicer.IDG Books Worldwide,U.S.. Paperback- 5 September,
    1996. Usually dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks."
    I do not know the book however Laura Chappell is in my opinion
    a very fine technical writer.

    I seem to recall that some people tunnelled the IPX over IP,
    or something or other.

    Finally maybe you can expect to wish that you had converted to IP???
    [Sorry can't justify that but it's seemed a good idea at the time]

    IIRC Novell did turn to using IP but I have no idea how that worked.
    AnyBody43, Sep 17, 2004
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  3. Ivan Ostres

    AnyBody43 Guest

    Can't resist a quick follow up:-

    From: Roger Kresge ()
    Subject: Re: Network Analysis Books?
    Newsgroups: comp.os.netware.misc
    Date: 1998/06/01

    Laura's presentations at Novell's annual BrainShare are *also*
    an absolute must. I enjoyed her theme this year, as
    Novell prepares to release native IP with NetWare 5:

    "IP, therefore I am."


    I thought that I would mention
    "IPX SAP-Incremental IGRP Example
    Enhanced IGRP SAP Update Examples"

    Yes, IPX routing delivered over EIGRP.
    AnyBody43, Sep 17, 2004
  4. Ivan Ostres

    Ivan Ostres Guest

    Actually I was thinking of using static routes (only ~30 locations, so
    it won't be a very big administrative overhead - once they work ok,
    nobody will touch them) and static SAP's (only one server - file share).

    IP is not an option - it's an old 3.12 bitch. If I could use IP it
    wouldn't be a problem, would it? But the idea is to solve problem inside
    some limits (not using IP) - that is what makes life fun...

    Thanks for books suggestion (actually I've found one of the mentioned
    author and seems really good).

    So, the idea is:

    1) using just static routing (just default routes on spokes)
    2) using ipx watchdog spoof and spx spoof
    3) using static SAP mapping on spokes (of course, filter all SAP's on
    hub site).

    Now, if anyone has some expirience with such approach, I would
    appreciate comments.

    Time for lab testing :).
    Ivan Ostres, Sep 18, 2004
  5. Ivan Ostres

    Hansang Bae Guest

    Not a bad book actually. It was great for configuring Appletalk.
    Almost all of it is dated and is good for historical reference however.



    "Somehow I imagined this experience would be more rewarding" Calvin
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    Hansang Bae, Sep 20, 2004
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