Is this rock crooked--inquiring minds want to know!

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Dwight Beers, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Dwight Beers

    Dwight Beers Guest

    Dwight Beers, Oct 5, 2009
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  2. Dwight Beers

    ray Guest

    ray, Oct 5, 2009
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  3. Dwight Beers

    Nicko Guest

    Nicko, Oct 6, 2009
  4. Dwight Beers

    Dwight Beers Guest

    Dwight Beers, Oct 6, 2009
  5. Dwight Beers

    Bill Bailey Guest

    Your knowledge of governments, religions, and holidays is just as piss-poor
    as your photography. Your writing and thoughts doesn't even qualify as
    sophomoric sarcasm. "Thanksgiving" (or the more correct original Native
    American to English translation being, "Thanks for Giving") has never been
    a religious holiday. Though ignorant christians who try to usurp and
    bastardize the holiday, as they have done with all other's holidays since
    the beginning of their religion, would argue otherwise. Native Americans
    never thanked some recently invented middle-east god for their food, it
    didn't and doesn't exist to them. They thanked each other for sharing what
    the earth shared with them. "Thanks for Giving" has never "generated
    questions about the separation of church and State" because your recently
    invented middle-east god never was a part of the celebration.

    All of this is, however, a nice example of the fractal nature of the
    universe. If you suck at one area of knowledge, in this example your
    photography, then you most likely suck at all of them. You've at least
    proved all that to be true.

    Do it some more, just to triply and quadruply confirm it. If the fractal
    nature of the universe holds true you'll not be able to do anything but
    confirm that you royally suck at everything you will ever do your whole
    Bill Bailey, Oct 6, 2009
  6. Dwight Beers

    Dwight Beers Guest


    So, is it crooked? Or "doesn't" you know?
    Dwight Beers, Oct 6, 2009
  7. Dwight Beers

    Charlie Groh Guest

    ....nyuk! Oh, and I like the rock...

    Charlie Groh, Oct 6, 2009
  8. Dwight Beers

    Bill Bailey Guest

    Surprisingly, the only people who are satan worshippers are christians. If
    they believe in that fictional entity then they worship it.

    This "satan" you speak of exists in no other cultures nor others' spiritual
    beliefs. You are a satan worshipper if you are a christian. It's that
    simple. You cannot believe in and worship your deity of good unless you
    also believe in and worship your deity of evil as well. It's impossible for
    you to do differently. Thus is the folly of dichotomous beliefs.

    [A brief history of your "satan": Back when christians were murdering your
    own Pagan ancestors and destroying your original cultural heritage, they
    renamed all the Pagan Gods and Goddesses into their christian saints. (E.g.
    st. patrick was the renamed Pagan Deity of "Trefuilnid Treochar" of Ireland
    (whose symbol was the shamrock). There never were any snakes in Ireland.
    St. Patrick is a christian name to cover up the original Irish Deity and
    the christian's destruction of his meaning and name. The "ridding Ireland
    of snakes" was the christian's fictional analogy to how they successfully
    destroyed all original Irish beliefs. The custom of drinking on that day
    was started by trying to tolerate what they were forced to give up in order
    to get along with the murderous and deceitful christians.)

    christians got tired of killing all the European Pagans (making them into
    human sacrifices to appease their beliefs in their god), so instead they
    decided that if they just renamed the European's Pagan Deities and then
    forced the Pagans to worship all their original Pagan Deities by their new
    christian names they wouldn't have to make human sacrifices of them
    anymore. This was the extent of their christian's false kindness and their
    false love to all Pagans. Any Pagan Deities that they did not understand,
    were fearful of, or just couldn't use to promote their own fictional
    christian beliefs, were conveniently dumped into a catch-all name-sake
    waste-basket that they came to call "satan". This is why christians claim
    that their "satan" has so many names. A good example is one of your
    "satan's" names being known as "Lucifer". A Pagan Deity that was at one
    time considered more intelligent, wise, and helpful than your own christian
    god. christians couldn't have a Pagan Deity better than their own recently
    invented "god" so they demonized the Pagan's Lucifer into something evil.
    Unfortunately, they couldn't undo the thousands of years of meanings behind
    Lucifer's name. Today the true qualities of "Lucifer" continue to exist in
    words such as: Lucent, Luciferase and Luciferin (chemicals the burn with
    their own light), Lucid, etc. etc. Lucifer was originally the light, truth,
    and knowledge bringer. Qualities that christians hated, and still hate to
    this day. They require their followers to be ignorant and kept in the dark,
    erstwhile their religion could have never spread nor continue to spread.
    Thus they consider Lucifer to be "evil". It's the only way that their
    fictional "god" can continue to exist.]
    Bill Bailey, Oct 7, 2009
  9. Dwight Beers

    Paul Furman Guest

    It's the P&S troll, methinks.

    By the way, Dwight, I think your rock is pregnant :)

    Paul Furman

    all google groups messages filtered due to spam
    Paul Furman, Oct 7, 2009
  10. Dwight Beers

    Dwight Beers Guest

    That would explain a log of things.:)
    Dwight Beers, Oct 7, 2009
  11. Dwight Beers

    Bill Bailey Guest

    Thanks. The natural laws of the universe are confirmed yet again.
    Bill Bailey, Oct 7, 2009
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