Is this another September wave ?!

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by, Sep 17, 2012.

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    I've got 2 ISPs for email [plus gmail - which I hate].

    A month or 2 ago ISP1 failed to Send -- as seen that my other
    email-addresses didn't receive the test-sends.
    ISP1's pop receives my test-mails sent from gmail and outside mail.

    Some years ago, when the ISP introduced TxAuthorisation,
    I had to 'patch the code'; which I have been using for years since;
    and importantly, I hadn't taken out the traces. So I can, just
    by-the-way see the OK-confirmations at each stage.
    The failing-to-send ISP shows good confirmation on each
    trace stage.

    When ISP2's email failed I decided to phone ISP1.
    The kiddie said "press send".
    He sent me an email, which proved nothing,
    since I TOLD him that pop was working.
    But he couldn't understand that my reply came from
    *gmail* and NOT their/his

    After much delay, and the recorded message "we are
    experiencing <heavy call load>", the clowns at ISP2
    admit that there's some thing wrong with their email,
    and it will be fixed real-soon-now [since 4 days ago].

    From ISP1 I get <Macaphee spam reports> lately,
    which on reply asks for my ID & Password,
    which I ignore because it is VERY improper, but
    which the help-desk-kiddie seemed to know about.

    I recently discovered that I like `nc` more than `telnet`
    and I did some manual-test-sends to my gmail, which
    haven't arrived yet.

    Some emails that I posted last week, with self-Cc,
    only arrived today! What the hell is going on?

    Is there some global-attack-wave, or is it only me?
    During recent months I've been receiving spam-mail
    as seen by the <envelope>, that <you must update your
    system by next week, else your email will be cut-off>

    BTW ISP2 was still OK on smtp for a week, after the pop

    It seems as if there's a global attack.
    Or M$ introduced some NEW requirement, like when
    TxAuthorisation upset things.


    PS. I've just noticed that my last send-trace is here
    mailing250 AUTH=PLAIN LOGIN= 20
    250 AUTH=PLAIN LOGIN= 31
    334 ********= 94
    334 ********= 94
    235 #2.0.0 OK Authenticated= 94
    = 98
    *****= 97
    250 sender <> ok= 71
    250 recipient <> ok= 32
    250 recipient <> ok= 32
    250 recipient <> ok= 33
    Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"= 81
    X-Mailer: Original Oberon-mailer by RS/ARD= 82
    @ Close(Mail) = 3
, Sep 17, 2012
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