Is there something better than Xnews?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Ian Field, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Ian Field

    Ian Field Guest

    Is there something better than Xnews?

    Someone kindly posted a large collection of magazines, which I left Xnews
    downloading overnight.

    When I opened the folder more than half the downloaded files were corrupted,
    this happens fairly frequently - Xnews appends either _0.pdf or error.pdf to
    the corrupted file, there will usually be a duplicate file with original
    filename but is smaller than it should be and won't open.
    Ian Field, Oct 12, 2010
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  2. Ian Field

    Ian Field Guest

    You've found a free usenet server that actually works?!
    Ian Field, Oct 12, 2010
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  3. Ian Field

    Meat Plow Guest

    Were the headers complete? I don't recall experiencing your problems with
    my playing with Xnews even running it strictly in linux using Wine as an
    emulator. What newsgroup and file dates? Maybe I'll have a look.
    Meat Plow, Oct 12, 2010
  4. Ian Field

    Meat Plow Guest

    Free servers don't usually work well with binaries.
    Meat Plow, Oct 12, 2010
  5. i downed a load of mags. [not dirty ones, just cartoons] on bittorrents.
    seems rather more straightforward than faffing around with usenet binaries.
    usenet text like on here is great ,tho'.
    Zu Arsschlaark!, Oct 12, 2010
  6. Ian Field

    Mike Easter Guest

    Slyck's site has a lot of advice about newsgroup binaries. He rates
    Xnews ok, but his #1 is alt.binz.

    I recommend you find out about par and par2 and nzb files. The Newsgroups Quick Start Guide -
    To enjoy everything the newsgroups have to offer, you need three
    essential things:
    1. A good newsgroup server - this is where your newsreader will download
    the files from. A server like Red Orb News provides Usenet Newsgroup access.
    2. A newsgroup reader - this is the program you will use to download
    from the newsgroups.
    3. Access to an indexing site - this is where you will browse or search
    for things to download from the newsgroups. Slyck's Guide To alt.binz
    Mike Easter, Oct 12, 2010
  7. Ian Field

    Whiskers Guest

    You will stand a better chance of getting 'completes' if you use a
    purpose-built binary 'newsreader' (which Xnews isn't) and possibly
    multiple news-servers. Ask in for advice about such

    Alternatively, use a protocol designed for handling large binary files,
    which NNTP isn't. Gopher, FTP, and HTTP, spring to mind. If several
    people want the same files at the same time, a peer-to-peer system might
    be best.
    Whiskers, Oct 12, 2010
  8. Ian Field

    Capt Picard Guest

    or....GET A MAC
    Capt Picard, Oct 12, 2010
  9. Ian Field

    chuckcar Guest

    Bnr2 works better for batch downloading from a free server. The problem
    is almost certainly the server refusing a connection from time to time.
    It absolutely would be the case if you're using the test-news server. A
    refused connection causes xnews to cancel the current file and move to
    the next file in the queue. It takes the cancelled file and appends all
    parts to the end of the queue. So if you get more than one connection refused
    per file, you don't get everything.

    BNR2 however,only worries about the next part. It will try endlessly to
    get the next needed part. Only once it's retrieved will it then proceed
    to the next article.

    Agent might be a better choice as well, but I haven't used it in a few
    years now.

    This is a question for readers. BTW.
    chuckcar, Oct 12, 2010
  10. Ian Field

    richard Guest

    While it costs $40, it is by far the best binary newsreader in the
    Multiparts are handled as one complete file from the get go.
    I've used it for years and have had no complaints.
    Pay by the year for big discount.
    richard, Oct 13, 2010
  11. Ian Field

    thanatoid Guest

    That does not /seem/ like an XNews problem, the stuff was either
    poorly posted or your server is crap.

    IMO, XNews is the best nr overall, and it is just fine for
    binaries, unless you get ///really/// serious and want to use
    nzb files and have 30 simultaneous connections (XNews offers 4
    max and does not do nzb).

    If so, get GrabIt. Great for /grabbing/ binaries, and does nzb
    files. (I /have/ noticed it sometimes mishandles yEnc files, but
    you can decode them using a stand alone utility - and it happens
    /very/ rarely.) makes nzb files for you after you find what you

    GrabIt will also automatically repair using pars but I prefer to
    do it manually. It sucks AFA posting. IMO, it is only good for
    GRABBING binaries. YMMV.

    You have to /pay/ to get decent binary service. I recommend
    Astraweb. $25 for 180GB's - no time limit. Or a regular monthly

    Both Astraweb and GrabIt offer SSL if you want that option.

    Torrents are a good alternative and cost nothing, but some stuff
    has so few seeders you will NEVER actually get it.

    That's all you need to know about getting binaries.

    I recommend you NOT visit readers. It's full of
    assholes like Yetto. MUCH worse, in fact.
    thanatoid, Oct 13, 2010
  12. Ian Field

    Ian Field Guest

    In the present context I wouldn't mean any other kind.
    Ian Field, Oct 13, 2010
  13. Ian Field

    Ian Field Guest

    Alt.binaries.e-book.technical There's a huge collection of old radio 73
    magazine spanning a lot of file dates.
    Ian Field, Oct 13, 2010
  14. §ñühw¤£f, Oct 13, 2010
  15. Ian Field

    Anyone Guest

    Go ogle this:

    xnews cache
    About 97,400 results (0.11 seconds)
    Anyone, Oct 13, 2010
  16. Ian Field

    Ian Field Guest

    IME there's a high risk of malware when downloading torrents, and the old
    radio 73 magazine complete run probably isn't available anywhere else than
    the NG.
    Ian Field, Oct 13, 2010
  17. imho there's just as much risk with any facility that offers downloads.
    depends what you're downloading, ateotd.
    media like mags, films, should be ok.
    malware has been posted to usenet, even on here, so what.
    one has anti mal/antivir for that. or should ..
    fwiw im on demonoid, i might take the risk to download an app on occasions.
    if the sourcer has a good rep.
    as to anything only being available on ng, thats the choice of the sourcer.
    he/she could just as easily make a torrent. in fact it might be easier ..
    Zu Arsschlaark!, Oct 13, 2010
  18. Ian Field


    Nov 7, 2013
    Likes Received:
    what is the best usnet server

    I have been a member of tera, giga, easy and a few others. what is the best server for COMPLETE files. it seems like any interesting file i try to download is incomplete. any suggestions?
    battlecow, Nov 7, 2013
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