Is there anyway to make WinXP Home save passwords for network shares?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Jimmy Dean, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Jimmy Dean

    Jimmy Dean Guest

    No Save Password checkbox appears

    Jimmy Dean, Feb 4, 2004
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  2. Jimmy Dean

    Dan Shea Guest

    Hi Jimmy,

    It's not an option on XP Home.

    Try this, though: Go to Control Panel -> User Accounts. Select the
    account you use. network password. Click onthe "Manage my network
    passwords" link. Click "Add", and enter the logon information.

    Alternatively, you could either a) remove the password on the network
    share, or b) create an account on the sharing computer with the same
    login information you use when logging on to the XP box.

    Dan Shea, Feb 4, 2004
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  3. Jimmy Dean

    Jimmy Dean Guest

    There is no "Add" button
    thanx anyway

    Jimmy Dean, Feb 6, 2004
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