Is there an easy way to pass 70-320?

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by Javaman59, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Javaman59

    Javaman59 Guest


    Yesterday I did the exam, and passed with 824. (pass mark - 700). Apart from
    the relief of passing the exam, I was also relieved to discover that all the
    months of preparation I had put into it weren't wasted (ie. there are no

    I spent about 6 months, part-time, doing the study. I work in Visual C++ and
    COM, so most of the 70-320 technologies were new to me. After getting buried
    in Kalani's Microsoft book for months, I switched to his ExamCram one, and
    that's when I started making real progress. Also, SAMS Visual C# .Net
    Unleashed was very helpful.

    As I was plodding through this stuff, I kept wondering "Is there an easier
    way?" and "How am I going to remember all of this on exam day".

    I've already answered the first question.

    As for the second question, now that I've done the exam I can see how it
    might have been a bit easier to focus the material, and this might be helpful
    to others.

    1. *Understand* the relationship of client and server in the various
    client/server technologies (remoting,web services, etc)

    2. *Understand* the places of security, performance, scalability and
    interroperability in selecting a client/server technology, and in selecting
    protocols and implementation options (SOAP?,Binary?,Http?,buffering?..etc..)

    3. If you're like me, then you think of security as a necessary, but
    tedious, afterthought. Well, Microsoft is more enthusiastic about security
    than that ;-)

    4. Spend enough time with Visual Studio and the command line tools to at
    least see all of the main concepts in action (several times each, and with
    some variations). Unfortunately, I had lots of problems configuring my
    computer to support the various technologies. If I were to do it again, I'd
    start with a bare-bones WinXP and keep it dedicated to this project. There's
    nothing more frustrating than spending precious study hours battling
    configuration problems!

    5. Details..details..details... "How am I going to remember all these
    classes, attributes, methods.. etc..?". This for me was the big question
    hanging over my preparedness for the exam, and I probably shouldn't give too
    much away here, as I suspect part of the exam strategy is to sort out whether
    people know enough details, without having to know everything (which is
    impossible). Nevertheless, I'd suggest the following - 1. Frame your study
    around 1, 2, 3 and 4, above, and the details which relate to these; 2.
    Familiarity with .Net, built up through lots of programming, is very helpful,
    as it helps you to guess at the meaning of identifiers which you haven't seen

    It's been a grueling process, but I've also enjoyed it. If I didn't enjoy
    ..Net so much, I don't think I could ever have passed.

    Good luck, and try to have some fun with it!


    ps. Please don't ask any specific questions about exam content. I'm not
    allowed to answer. As a general comment, I wouldn't recommend that you skip
    *any* of the Kalani book in the hope that it won't appear in the exam. :)
    Javaman59, Aug 1, 2006
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  2. Javaman59

    Cerebrus Guest

    Good set of tips, there.


    Cerebrus, Aug 1, 2006
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