Is there a superbright screen on the market that could be pluggedinto a digicam?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Bay Area Dave, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Is there a portable extremely bright, sharp screen that can be plugged
    into a digicam to better evaluate pictures in the field, short of using
    a laptop? If not, have you heard of anything in the works? OR, have
    you heard of any breakthroughs that will give us MUCH brighter on-camera


    Bay Area Dave, Sep 27, 2003
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  2. Bay Area Dave

    Giorgis Guest

    Get one of those LCD picture frames. Sony has one, they are supposed to
    display pictures and you can plug in a flash card.
    Giorgis, Sep 28, 2003
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  3. Thanks, G. I'll check them out. I vaguely remember hearing about them,
    but haven't seen them yet. I'll start by looking at

    Bay Area Dave, Sep 28, 2003
  4. Bay Area Dave

    J. A. Mc. Guest

    What about using one of the 'personal' LCD TV's with a sunshade IF
    your camera has a video out? Some are up to the 4-5" sizes and battery
    J. A. Mc., Sep 28, 2003
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