Is there a defect in Dell Computers?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by mitchell, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. mitchell

    mitchell Guest

    A friend has a Dell desktop, which has a P4 motherboard in the -over-
    2GH CPU speed range. They have XP installed and a few simple games.
    That is all they use that computer for, no internet, not even used for
    word processing. The owner somehow managed to change the background to
    black with black text and could not see the screen. I fixed that for
    them, and discovered that their computer is much slower than my own
    computer which is an IBM P3 1.0GH, with 512megs Ram. When I asked them
    "was it always this slow?", they said YES.

    Last week someone was cleaning their apartment, and gave me a Dell
    computer that they have not used in over a year. It's a P4 2.8GH
    machine with 1GH RAM, and 80Gig hard drive. I brought it home, found it
    has XP SP3 Home edition. Aside from needing a Bios battery, it works,
    but it's even slower than that friends Dell.

    What is with these Dell computers, this thing is so slow that literally
    have to wait a full minute or more for a window to open. It does not
    have any viruses, and I even shut off the McAfee AV they had installed
    to see if that would speed it up. This computer has little installed
    aside from the OS.

    Is there some inherent problem with the Dell P4 computers to make them
    run so damn slow?
    mitchell, Jul 6, 2013
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  2. mitchell

    Paul Guest

    A couple models were involved in "ThrottleGate". That's a situation
    where Dell got a little carried away with power management - CPU clock
    speed could drop into the low hundreds of MHz range, when the clock was
    throttled back. And the machines didn't even recover properly
    when they cooled off. Even when cool again, the clock rate would
    not pick up again. The thorough documentation one user put together
    about it, is no longer available for download.

    But that only covers a couple machines.

    Prescott P4s may run hot enough, that they're in the throttling state.
    But the reaction to that, is not as extreme as the ThrottleGate machines.
    (The equivalent clock speed should be higher than a ThrottleGate machine.)
    At a guess, Prescott era might include 1MB or 2MB cache. (You can trace
    that down using as well, which stores specs for processors.)

    To check for the most common form of performance loss, you can
    look at this article.

    The software they use there, is RMClock, which includes the ability
    to display the state of the throttle bit. The throttle bit tells you the
    CPU got too hot, and will not be delivering all the performance
    you might expect. (I can't reach the site at the moment, but it'll likely
    come back later.)

    If it's not available when you read this, you can try here. The navigation
    on this site, started using Flash not long ago, so if you want to navigate
    to other dates in the archive, you'll need a Flash enabled browser. But
    if all you want is to pick up the download, this page should be good enough.

    "RMClock Utility 2.35"

    Of the two downloads, one is .rar compressed, and the other is a
    self extracting archive of some sort. I used to use that utility
    on my Win2K machine, to replace the Idle Task that had been
    removed by Kaspersky AV. (So the software is multi-purpose.)
    When I was using KAV, it raised the power consumption in the machine
    idle state (from 13 watts to almost 40 watts). A waste of electricity
    when you're not doing anything. The Idle Task that RMClock installs,
    uses the Halt instruction too, which saves power. Presumably KAV
    "re-engineered" Windows, to stop a potential exploit involving Idle.

    Paul, Jul 6, 2013
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  3. mitchell

    rogpop001 Guest

    Dell has cut costs to stay competitive. I have spoken to salesmen in storesand say Dell computers are overpriced for what they offer. I was thinking of buying a Dell inspiration laptop 15 for about $400. Read reviews and they say it is also slow. DEll has fallen on hard times and they are not doing too well anymore.
    rogpop001, Jul 22, 2013
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