Is there a danger opening WMV files in XP?

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Andy, May 11, 2006.

  1. Andy

    Dustin Cook Guest

    So you have a list then of non IBM pc drm software do you? DRM,
    specifically, not some old fashioned 80s copy protection routine. You
    do know the difference, right?
    a limited range do they? Your right, global is rather limiting isn't
    Great. Here we go with the dick size comparisons. :)
    The proper terminology according to you, you mean.
    what did you design exactly? the cabling? :) what did you build?...
    You've clearly demonstrated that you are talking from your ass, and
    have been for some time with regard to what you know of me. It's a well
    known fact I'm in the IT field and have been for a long time. I'm not
    going to bore people with my credentials, except to say that 311 you
    said? isn't something I'd personally brag about. It's small. :)

    Why did you need to own 3 businesses? Were you that incompetent?
    An admitted thief? Are you making definitions up as you go? Again, it's
    a rhetorical question.
    And I suppose I should be impressed by this right? motorcycles are
    cheap here, one can be had for under 5k easily, I have more then that
    in the engine in one of vans. I own a few rides myself, paid for, with
    my own money. I splurge a bit tho, I like fast cars and trucks.
    Actually, I live in a 2 story house with a fully furnished basement,
    paid for, as with everything else I own. Mommy and Daddy don't live
    here, just me, and some computers. :)

    Btw, I'm 28 years old, hardly a kid, but thanks anyway. :)
    trying to change the subject? Now your just being anal. I haven't tried
    to declare a thief=copyright infringer, I know the difference.
    CNC machines and the like? Plasma cutters? What specifically is it you
    do that I couldn't comprehend?
    I wouldn't be surprised if your world is a lonely place... :)
    Sure you did. and I've met the president. :)
    Put down the crackpipe, it's ruining whats left of your feeble mind.
    Dustin Cook, May 23, 2006
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  2. Andy

    TwistyCreek Guest

    People have been calling you a script kiddie since FIDO days. Does the
    name Peter Ross mean anything to you?

    Of course it does Dustin.

    Should we start a crash course in the history of your on line life now?
    Dredge up all the times you got horribly spanked by the AV and VX
    communities alike? Revisit you whining to even the VX community about how
    31337 you were, just like you're doing now?

    Let's see, how did one poster put it.....

    "Trying to gain respect by admitting that you have been the
    source of other people's grief is a mistake. FIDO is not
    another IRC."

    Remember who that was Dustin? Wasn't that long ago at all.

    It's a *perfect* description of your entire on line existence. You wrote
    mostly unremarkable junk and hung out in places where your clueless
    criminal comrades would pat you on the back for it. Every time you tried
    to hang out somewhere that might give you a facade of respectability you
    were put down like an old, arthritic dog. Sometimes not so mercifully.

    You haven't changed one nit since you first started pestering your
    superiors for recognition. You're still just a little kid wishing in one
    hand to be something useful or memorable, and crapping in the other with
    your "I'm a way cool outlaw" tripe.

    It truly *is* pathetic Dustin, as much today as it was years ago. :(
    TwistyCreek, May 23, 2006
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  3. Andy

    Dustin Cook Guest

    Not really. Should it?
    Horribly spanked by av? HAHAHAHA. Man... I don't think any avers would
    agree with that. I wasn't that evil you know. :)
    How l33t I am? I think your putting words in my mouth and/or reading
    something I haven't written.
    I'm aware of the statement. I wasn't trying to gain respect by
    admitting something I've done, however. You'd do good to read the whole
    thread, if you can.

    I don't think it's clear to you yet, so let me try and make it so. I
    don't concern myself with respect from individuals I do not know.
    Respect is something earned, depending on your like/dislike for viral
    code, I either have or have not ones respect. Either way, it doesn't
    factor into anything tangible.
    Virus writing isn't a criminal act in the united states. Release with
    malicious intent is. A keen distinction far too many either don't get,
    or don't want to admit. Virus writing is protected by the constitution
    in this country. mostly unremarkable junk is simply an opinion from..
    an outsider ? I can't think of much in the virus scene that was
    actually remarkable, and generally speaking, most/all of it was junk
    when compared to other software.

    You could save yourself some time and embarrasement by reading Sarah
    Gordon's papers on virus writers. You remind me of a person I met on, he tends to drop names and claim he knows this or that
    person.. He's even tried it with me, but I do not know him, I've never
    spoken to him or exchanged code, whatever. He's read some about my
    former activities and posted with the idea he had real knowledge on me,
    similiar to yourself.
    Pestering my superiors? The ones in jail you mean? :) You know nothing
    of vxers or ex vxers, we dont have superiors, it's a looseknit
    community. Go read some other book about us. :)
    What the hell makes you think that anyway?
    You know whats even more pathetic? That I made such an impression on
    you that you can't let it go. :) Are you that impressionable? I think
    you are.

    For you and a friend or two, copyright infringement is theft, I'm a
    script kiddy, kurt is an av wannabe, and when we were discussing PC
    viruses, everybody but yourself and a friend or two (several have
    pointed out various errors now in your thinking) decided to sidestep,
    and discuss systems outside of what the intent was, to prove some kind
    of point? Their isn't anything really to prove. We don't care simply
    about your apple's history withen the realm of the discussion. We were
    talking about IBM compatibles...

    I personally had no clue somebody even needed to actually type it, but
    apparently, for people with the mental conditions you obviously do have
    (getting help?) it had to be said... Such a sad state of affairs.
    Dustin Cook, May 23, 2006
  4. Andy

    kurt wismer Guest

    TwistyCreek wrote:
    lets not... some things just don't bear repeating, no matter how much
    you may dislike a person...
    kurt wismer, May 24, 2006
  5. Andy

    kurt wismer Guest

    Dustin Cook wrote:
    degraded? i guess you're forgetting he who cannot be named... most of
    these 'people' are a flash in the pan by comparison...
    well, once upon a time we had an official clown maker... making the
    label official seemed to be of great benefit... among other things it
    reduced the need to protect the newbies from their ravings when they
    were clearly marked as being non-credible...
    kurt wismer, May 24, 2006
  6. Andy

    kurt wismer Guest"kurt wismer" "i was wrong"

    maybe you should do some research before you open your figurative

    i always knew i would become legion... shame i couldn't have done it the
    way prospero thought caliban would...
    and here's apple's millions in market research saying that most people
    think of ibm pc compatibles when they see the term pc...

    so bite me...
    i have a twin brother i never knew about? oh joy! i'm just so happy i
    could cry... shame about that 2 year age difference though... mom must
    be pissed...
    kurt wismer, May 24, 2006
  7. Andy

    kurt wismer Guest

    Borked Pseudo Mailed wrote:
    sigh... if only your strawman had a brain - he could give you a hand...
    kurt wismer, May 24, 2006
  8. Andy

    kurt wismer Guest

    edgewalker wrote:
    expected monies cannot be stolen from you since they aren't yours to
    begin with, they are a projection, a guess, not real in any sense of the

    not all pirated copies represent a lost sale...
    kurt wismer, May 24, 2006
  9. You're making me sad. About any modern PC actually claiming to be IBM
    PS/2 compatible is not compatible at all.
    Sebastian Gottschalk, May 24, 2006
  10. Andy

    TwistyCreek Guest

    I guess you'll have no problem with me taking the "expected revenue" you
    call a paycheck from now on then?

    TwistyCreek, May 24, 2006
  11. Snip and run noted.
    Borked Pseudo Mailed, May 24, 2006
  12. Andy

    TwistyCreek Guest

    Every time you buy a lottery ticket and win, send the money to me.

    Then you admit some do?

    One makes you a thief.
    TwistyCreek, May 24, 2006
  13. Andy

    Dustin Cook Guest

    Who's the moron here exactly? Heh.. Once again, that was a rhetorical
    question. :)
    One makes him a copyright infringer, not a thief. Please do yourself a
    favor and learn the difference, ok?
    Dustin Cook, May 24, 2006
  14. Andy

    sillybanter Guest

    Man, are you this much of a jerk in person, or is this just a personna
    you play on Usenet? If so, it's pretty ugly.

    I will not get in a pissing match over qualifications with you. Let's
    just say you're off by several decades on my age, and I guarantee
    you'd lose any comparison of experience and qualifications. [ The
    snide response: "Sonny, I have Usenet postings that date back to the
    mid 1980s, and I wasn't posting in diapers!" ]
    No, I've never been "in an office or other environment where
    everything is a "PC"" -- because such places, if they exist, are
    exceedingly rare. In places with multiple types of systems, usually
    the *first* question you get from tech support is "Mac or PC"?

    Seen the new Apple commercials on TV? "Hi I'm Mac" "I'm PC" Some of
    the commercials are pretty good, and go completely counter to your
    point that people call Macs "PCs".

    You remind me of those people that get all uptight about the fact that
    the word "hacker" is used most often now to refer to people who break
    into systems rather than good programmers. Yes, it's annoying that
    this word was hijacked for a different use. But meaning of words is
    more often determined from usage than from some preconceived notions
    that you might have. We lost the war on "hacker". You lost on what
    you want to mean by "PC". Get over it.
    sillybanter, May 25, 2006
  15. Andy

    Dustin Cook Guest

    Likely he's just as much an arsehole in person as he is here.
    So what else is new?
    So I wasn't hearing things. :)
    That's the problem tho, for him. Losing the war on what PC means also
    means he's lost the war on the first virus credited, which was Brain.
    :) It's a lose lose situation for him, so it's only natural he'd fight
    it tooth and nail as he's displayed here.

    Well, if we're being nitpicky, he's lost 3 wars...

    War 1, copyright infrigement<>thief
    War 2, PC meant anything
    War 3, Viruses were available and widespread (snicker) on the PC
    platform before Brain

    He's a total loser.. heh.
    Dustin Cook, May 25, 2006
  16. Obviously. And one asked by someone with nothing to their credit BUT their
    inane rhetoric.
    Said the thief....

    You're just like a baby raper trying to defend themselves by saying you're
    doing nothing wrong because you really "love" the little kids you stick
    your dick in.
    George Orwell, May 25, 2006
  17. Copyright infringers are sued in civil court. If they lose, and if the
    prevailing party actually suffered damages, money changes hands.

    Pedophiles are prosecuted in criminal court. If convicted, they are
    delivered to jail and suffer the consequences--because not even hardened
    criminals suffer sexual deviants to live in peace.

    Your analogy is not only thoroughly disgusting, it is also fallacious on
    its face.

    Rhonda Lea Kirk

    Insisting on perfect safety is for people
    without the balls to live in the real world.
    Mary Shafer Iliff
    Rhonda Lea Kirk, May 25, 2006
  18. I wasn't "worried" about it to begin with. Being credible in the eyes of a
    common criminal isn't something that's of any importance what so ever.
    Never has been, never will be. In fact as much as your breed dislikes this
    simple truth, having delinquents disagree with a position makes it that
    much stronger. So much so that if an honest, credible person ever finds
    themselves on the same side of an issue as the likes of you it's a certain
    bet they'll be reexamining their own logic for glaring flaws.

    Welcome to the reality of your entire "adult" life, Dustin. You're a
    loser. You'll always be a loser. And nobody but other losers will ever
    care what you think because of it. You put your chances of ever having the
    respect of anyone who counts in jeopardy when you chose to be an asshat as
    a youngster, and sealed your fate by never growing up.
    "But it's only 'young love' because I really care about the children I
    rape, your honor."

    George Orwell, May 25, 2006
  19. And what exactly does this have to do with both types of criminals trying
    to self-justify their criminal behavior with lame ass excuses and

    Oh yeah, that's right...... nothing at all.
    Obviously not. You're just too brain dead to comprehend the fact that
    nobody's analogizing any particular crime, just the criminal's behavior
    patterns. Either that or you're another one of the criminals trying to
    toss up more stupid smoke screens by pretending it's so.

    How about if we compare criminals to drunks who refuse to quit drinking
    in spite of the obvious toll it exacts on those around them, because they
    keep deluding themselves about not hurting anyone but themselves? Would
    that appeal to your whiny, feminine sense of "morality" an better honey?
    No "crime" at all. Same God damned system if denial and rationalization no
    matter WHICH way you slice it.
    Borked Pseudo Mailed, May 25, 2006
  20. George Orwell wrote:

    What's pathetic is that you're compelled to resort to ad hominem attacks
    and fallacious analogies to make a argument.

    I'm 48 years old, not a criminal, not a delinquent, and not a loser--I'm
    just a lurker who finds this argument becoming more obnoxious by the
    post. I'm also a career paralegal who never much liked criminal
    practice, because the common attitudes held by criminals in general are
    repugnant to me. It's very difficult to handle a case for scum,
    because...well...scum is scum.

    The point of telling you this is so you'll understand why I do not
    perceive your target as you do. He does not present as a criminal
    personality, so you'll have to figure out some other way to label him.
    There's a big difference between "sociopath" and "Type-T."

    The way it really seems to me is that you have an ax to grind, and you
    have mistaken him for a whetstone.

    By my estimation, you lost the entire argument when you resorted to the
    tactics used by 12-year old boys, i.e., this is fast turning into a (on
    your side) "your mama" argument.

    You lose, by definition.
    Rhonda Lea Kirk

    Insisting on perfect safety is for people
    without the balls to live in the real world.
    Mary Shafer Iliff
    Rhonda Lea Kirk, May 26, 2006
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