Is my home WiFi router open to the public?

Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by Robert Crandal, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. I use a Cisco DPC3825 wireless router that is provided
    by Cox cable. I setup my SSID and password, so I believe
    that my WiFi signal is password protected.

    However, my Verizon LG Android tablet is able to
    automatically login to my WiFi signal without asking
    for my password. How is this possible? Did I fail
    to setup my router correctly?

    BTW, here is a link to a PDF manual for my Cisco router:

    I'd appreciate any tips. Thank you.
    Robert Crandal, Jan 1, 2015
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  2. Robert Crandal

    Char Jackson Guest

    Pages 39-42: Which wireless security mode are you using? I would probably go
    with WPA2-Personal.

    When you view the available wireless networks on your Android device, does
    your own Wifi show up with a lock icon, or does it show up as open?
    Char Jackson, Jan 2, 2015
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  3. Robert Crandal

    Rambo Guest

    Robert Crandal wrote on 02/01/2015 00:27:
    Some provider gives you their router where it is two wireless
    connections - one is your connection that you protect with a password
    the other one serves as a hotpoint to give free-wifi to everybody.

    So the provider did not install servers, all their customers act as servers. per exemple gives free wifi.
    Rambo, Jan 2, 2015
  4. The router only gives me two options "WPA2-Personal" and
    "WPA or WPA2-Personal". I have tried both options.
    The encrytion is set at AES, and I have entered a password
    into the Pre-Shared Key field.

    My Verizon LG G pad tablet is still able to automatically login
    to the network. It doesn't even prompt for a password.
    And yes, I do see a lock icon when I view the available networks.

    When my Android is logged into the "WPA2-Personal" network,
    the Android shows the following settings:

    Security: WPA2 PSK
    IP settings: DHCP
    Prox settings: none

    BTW, my Windows 8.1 laptop DOES ask for a network password.
    Any ideas why Android is freely accessing my WiFi signal?
    Robert Crandal, Jan 3, 2015
  5. Robert Crandal

    Char Jackson Guest

    OK, so the connection is encrypted. There's no doubt.
    I'm sure you had to enter the password the first time you connected. After
    that, it's normal that it doesn't ask for the password again. If you want it
    to ask for the password, you can go into the Android's WiFi settings and
    tell it to Forget the password for that network. Then the next time you try
    to connect, you'll have to enter the password again.
    Yep, it's secured.
    If your Win 8 laptop asks for a password every time you try to connect, it
    means you have not checked the box labeled 'Connect Automatically'. If you
    want your laptop to behave like your tablet, just check that box.
    It remembers the password from last time. If that's not good, you have to
    tap the Forget button for that network. Note that you'll lose the auto login
    behavior, though.
    Char Jackson, Jan 3, 2015
  6. The LG tablet arrived in a FedEx box. I first opened it at my apartment
    and tried connecting to my ASUS RT-AC68U router. I was prompted
    for a password in this situation, so this is good.

    However, I then went to my mom's house where she has the Cox Cable
    Cisco router. The LG Android tablet logged into the network automatically.
    I never entered the password, not even once! I'm sure of this.

    If I choose to "Forget" this network on the tablet, and then re-connect,
    it still logs in without asking for a password. I'm going to re-test this
    later today and make sure that it's not my imagination.

    To be safe, I wonder if it's a good idea if I configure the router to
    only accept devices on the network that match device MAC addresses???

    Robert Crandal, Jan 3, 2015
  7. Oh, I've got another idea....

    Later today, I'm going to try changing the password on the Cisco
    router and see if the LG Android tablet is still able to login

    The LG tablet is connected to my Google+ account and
    Facebook accounts, and they all use the same password as the
    Cisco WiFi router. Maybe Android is trying to guess my
    router password by sending my social media passwords?

    I will give this a try later today.
    Robert Crandal, Jan 3, 2015
  8. Robert Crandal

    HankG Guest

    If you are on the same provider (Cox), then when you first logged on wih
    your Cox account, your MAC address was linked to your account. Can you now
    access your home network without logging on?

    HankG, Jan 3, 2015
  9. Robert Crandal

    Char Jackson Guest

    Yes, so far, so good.
    Is it like HankG said, where you have Cox and your mom also has Cox? If so,
    then it's not so unusual *if* Cox is doing that thing where they operate a
    public access point that's open to other Cox customers. Comcast does the
    same thing in some areas. The thing is, though, that the Cox SSID is
    different from your or your mom's SSID, so if you keep an eye on which SSID
    you're connected to, it should begin to make sense. If that's not what's
    going on, then I think I need more info to see where to go next.
    If you tell it to Forget a secured network and it doesn't, then that's a big
    deal. I can't duplicate that here on 4 Android devices and I haven't ready
    about it happening anywhere. Be very specific about which SSID it's
    happening with, since it wouldn't be unusual for Cox to be running their own
    access point alongside yours and your mom's.
    Some argue that MAC address filtering is good because it's another layer of
    security, but I always skip it since it's so easy to get around.
    Char Jackson, Jan 3, 2015
  10. Robert Crandal

    Char Jackson Guest

    Very doubtful.
    Let us know how it goes, and especially let us know if your router has dual
    SSIDs - one that you configured and one that Cox configured.
    Char Jackson, Jan 3, 2015
  11. Robert Crandal

    Rambo Guest

    Char Jackson wrote on 04/01/2015 00:41:
    Just what i said, i have two SSID, the one i use and another acting as a
    "Guest" connection.
    Rambo, Jan 4, 2015
  12. Robert Crandal

    idunno Guest

    I suspect the OP's tablet is really using whatever wireless carrier's
    network he is signed up with and NOT the home WPA2 encrypted WIFi
    connections descussed. It's not always obvious on some devices; best wat
    to test is pull the SIM card from the device so it doesn't have wireless
    as an option.
    idunno, Jan 24, 2015
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