Is my computer making me ill?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Phil-on-a-hill, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. Weird title eh? But something is definitely going on here, possibly
    involving my PC and possibly not. OK, first of all, I've had the machine a
    long time and have had no troubles. However, just lately I have begun
    coughing my guts out when in the computer room (but nowhere else). I'd like
    to say that something has changed inside the case of late, but nothing has,
    everything's as it should be. So, what about the rest of the room? Well,
    about the only change that springs to mind is that there are now a lot of
    books that wern't there before. This is gonna sound even more crazy but
    could I possibly be reacting to some of them in some way? I can't really put
    them anywhere else because there's too many and there's no room anywhere
    else anyway. Right, a bit more info, I definitely cough more towards the
    evening than I do during the day, which makes one wonder... I'm going to the
    Doctor's soon and am going to tell him about the situation but it feels so
    utterly stupid! One last thing, I've now drunk so much cough mixture that,
    if the coughing doesn't kill me, an overdose of this stuff will!

    Phil-on-a-hill, Sep 21, 2003
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  2. ++
    I once had an allergic reaction to war and piece :),

    Joseph Minelli, Sep 21, 2003
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  3. Phil-on-a-hill

    Mike0000 Guest

    Allergic reaction to books. Now consider this:

    Books have allergens but for the most part they sit still. Put them
    near a computer which is just a box that sucks in air and pushes it out
    in all directions. That could be moving the allergens in the area
    around your computer.

    Get rid of the books, air out the room, and see what happens. Put them
    in the bathroom if you have to. Makes for some nice reading.
    Mike0000, Sep 21, 2003
  4. Phil-on-a-hill

    Soup Guest

    Dust on the books (books are well known for being dry and dusty)or maybe
    dust has settled in the case and is being burnt/vapourised by the heat
    inside the case Maybe a good clean inside the case (plugged in but not
    switched on ,air duster and a mini vac, not the household cleaner with the
    stair attachment jammed on ) there should be lots of web sites out there
    that have got info/advice on cleaning inside your comp case .
    Just as an aside have you noticed a smell that wasn't there before or have
    you put an air freshner in the comp' room these can both set your lungs off
    (leading to the coughing) .You don't say if it's a"wet" cough or a dry
    unproductive "hacking" cough.
    All this should be after the Doc' checks you out and decides its not a
    serious problem ,unfortunately allergies/reactions can take a while to set
    in so you may actually have to get rid of the computer.
    One last thing I'll bet your male, as a woman (generally) will go to the
    doc about anything (there is a reason women tend to live longer than
    men),men not so. I am sure the Doc' would rather have ten visits the patient
    considers stupid than miss one serious case
    Disclaimer :- I am NOT a doctor and I haven't seen you so all this is
    purely speculative
    Soup, Sep 21, 2003
  5. Phil-on-a-hill

    geopelia Guest

    Don't use one of these plug in perfume things that go in a power plug. They
    will get right down in your lungs as you breathe. I always have to ask for a
    taxi that doesn't have one or I am badly affected. They should be banned in
    any public place as so many people are affected by them.
    geopelia, Sep 21, 2003
  6. Phil-on-a-hill

    me Guest


    I had something similar with an old puter, it ended when i cleaned the
    dust out of the fans ... and psu .. both were clogged up
    me, Sep 21, 2003
  7. Phil-on-a-hill

    Patrick Guest

    It's probably a virus that you got from the Computer
    As for medication, Try some AVlinctus, (cough, cough cough).
    :( rofl :) (cough, cough cough) :) rofl :(

    What happens when the machine is off, or if you move it out of the room?

    (cough, cough cough)
    Patrick, Sep 21, 2003
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