Is it possible to copy a two-disk DVD movie onto my hard-drive then watch it as one long file withou

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Cemetery Mink, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Is it possible to copy a two-disk DVD movie onto my hard-drive then
    watch it as one long file without interruptions?

    I'm referring, mainly, to the two-disk DVD of "Once Upon A Time In
    America." Disk one ends in the middle of a scene (with the film's
    theatrical intermission occuring about half-way through disk-two.) I'd
    like to copy the entire four-hour movie onto my harddrive (I have lots
    of space,) so that I can watch it from begining to end without any
    pauses (or, at least, to create two seperate files which are seperated
    by the "theatrical intermission" (three hours into the movie.)
    Cemetery Mink, Aug 27, 2004
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  2. Cemetery Mink

    Tom Guest

    (Cemetery Mink) wrote in
    Sure it is. Use DVD Shrink to rip each disk to a separate folder on your
    hard drive, removing (via Re-Authoring) any lead in on the second disk that
    you want to skip. Then use DVD Shrink Re-authoring again to combine the
    two folders contents into one DVD movie (into a third folder).
    Tom, Aug 27, 2004
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  3. Cemetery Mink

    Mike Jackson Guest

    I'm referring, mainly, to the two-disk DVD of "Once Upon A Time In
    Though you should tell DVD Shrink that the target disc size is 9GB so that
    it doesn't re-encode the video to a lower quality. In your application, you
    don't care about fitting the movie onto a DVD-R, so no need to lower the

    Mike Jackson
    Editor & Web Developer, DVD Verdict
    Mike Jackson, Aug 27, 2004
  4. I recently saw Once Upon A Time In America for the first time and
    thought the intermission was in an odd place because of how far into
    the film it was instead of being right in the middle. Is there any
    info online that explains why it was at that point and not earlier?
    Joseph Phillips, Aug 29, 2004
  5. Officially no. But with a suitable piece of de-encryption software, such as
    AnyDVD or DVDregionfree, it becomes possible to copy it. However, I do not
    know of a way of getting rid of the pause as the two disks would have to
    reside in separate folders (as files will have the same names).

    Electric Fan Club, Aug 31, 2004
  6. Run the files through DVD compression software such as DVD2One with the
    target size set to twice the normal size.

    You end up with one set of files containing the lot.

    Stephen Stewart, Aug 31, 2004
  7. ===========

    I hope I got the original poster correct.

    If I understand your question, you can indeed capture two-disk movies
    (whether a single dual-layer DVD or two physical DVD discs) .. and
    then relegate the two (maybe up to 4 hours total) onto one DVD disc,
    or set of files on your computer (to watch or later burn to DVD).

    I use DVDShrink for this, importing the two layers or discs separately
    for authoring. I can then edit out the END of the first half so that it
    mesh correctly with the BEGINNING of the second half .. the result
    being one set of files that is watchable from beginning to end without
    any discernible breaks. Basically, what happens is .. the two sets of
    ..VOB files are renumbered into more (resized) .VOB files as if they
    are one long program... totaling nearly 4 hours. But, DVDShrink can
    put an entirely acceptable compressed 4 hours onto one DVD disc.

    Finally, if all you want to accomplish is to put a movie on your hard drive
    for archival and watching purposes (not on a DVD Player in the den),
    then you might be better off relegating your movies to .RMVB format,
    where a 2-hour movie will easily fit on any normal CD-R disc with
    good results. 640 megs is a whoooole lot smaller than 4.7 gigs .. no?
    Chief Suspect, Sep 3, 2004
  8. Cemetery Mink

    Amenev Guest

    You can use Wiagra Video Joiner 3 to get the job done
    Amenev, Sep 3, 2004
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