Is it just me? Sony DSC-P72 vs. DSC-P92

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Ohaya, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Ohaya

    Ohaya Guest


    Awhile ago, I bought a DSC-P72 for my daughter. She's been using it for
    awhile, and has been getting good results.

    So, when it came time for my birthday, I asked for a DSC-P92. I figured
    that if the P72 was all right, the P92 should be even better (3MP vs. 5MP).

    I've been using the P92 for about 2 months now, and I note that I am getting
    quite a few out-of-focus shots. At first I thought it was because of camera
    shake, but in a lot of these shots, I can tell that it isn't (e.g., by
    looking at background edges, etc.

    I did a side-by-side comparison of the P72 vs. the P92 tonight, with both
    cameras set at 1.2MP/Fine (which is what my daughter was using), and I had
    both cameras set for center AF (rather than the default multi AF) and I
    noted that the P92 has a slightly longer lens (min 8mm vs. 6mm for the P72).

    Also, it seems to me that the P92 takes longer to focus lock than the P72
    takes, for the same subject and lighting (stationary subject, indoor

    Finally, it also seems that the pics from the P72 just are sharper than the
    ones from the P92, again with the same subject and lighting.

    I was wondering if this is just me, or has anyone experienced this (or
    explain it?), i.e., has anyone used both of these cameras and seen these
    same differences?

    Ohaya, Jan 5, 2004
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  2. Ohaya

    jcpmont Guest

    I returned my dsc-p92 because many shots were either out of focus or
    blurry. I used it mainly for indoor photos, many times at night with
    normal incandescent light. It seems to me this camera works poorly in
    these condition. Ans since there is no real manual mode to compensate
    .... I do not know about the P72, except to say that my initial
    decisions to buy the P92 was based partly on reviews of the P72. My
    mistake I guess. My impression is that the calculations the camera
    makes for focus, shutter speed and aperture are incorrect in these
    conditions, maybe because this camera has a lower shutter lag than
    other cameras. It did seem faster than other cameras I used (Olympus
    D390 and Canon A70).

    jcpmont, Jan 10, 2004
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  3. Ohaya

    Ohaya Guest


    I've found a few msgs mentioning similar focus problems, and I've
    emailed Sony to see what they say. When on the Sony site, I did a
    search, and noted that there's apparently a problem with the DSC F717:

    The camera does not focus correctly when the Hologram AF setting is
    turned on.


    Initial production of the Sony DSC F717 Cybershot® digital still cameras
    have displayed inaccurate focusing under certain limited conditions.
    These conditions include ambient light low enough to activate the
    Hologram AF, using higher zoom settings or attempting to focus at short

    Sony is aware of this issue, and is providing express pick-up and return
    shipment service for these cameras to correct this focus issue.

    Contact the Sony Customer Information Services Center for further
    assistance at 1-888-449-7669.

    Hopefully, they'll answer me about the DSC-P92, and I'll post back if
    they do, but if anyone is aware of anything please let me know?

    Ohaya, Jan 10, 2004
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