Is Epson a Nice Firm..??

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Master Tech ©, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Have a read of this..

    Epson Foul Play
    by Andrew Charnley on July 8th, 2003. 0 comments

    Dutch Consumer Association consumentenbond has released a statement to its
    650,000+ members advising them to boycott Epson printers because of the so
    called 'smart' chip inside of the cartridges.

    The cartridges were recently exposed by the which? association when an average
    of thirty percent more pages could be printed with the special chip bypassed.
    The Dutch Consumer Association warns that the chip stops printing after a
    number of prints rather than low ink levels.

    By 2006 the use of chips to prevent refills will be made illegal under
    European legislation. Meanwhile manufacturers are raking in as much cash as
    possible, before having to raise the price of hardware currently subsided by
    the high cost of cartridges.
    Master Tech ©, Jul 9, 2003
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  2. Question : why can't the user tell when the ink has run out by looking at the
    most recently printed page and saying words like ... "bugger, the ink has run
    out - better get another ink cartridge" ?

    What benefit is there in the hardware telling us ? ... particularly if it
    isn't true :)

    On the up side, Epson actively support linux :)

    Bruce Sinclair, Jul 9, 2003
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  3. Has anyone got informaion on how Which? did that please.

    Is there anyo9ne here who works for Epson NZ who wants to comment

    Patrick FitzGerald, Jul 9, 2003
  4. The reason for this is simple: It's too hard to install sensors inside chips
    to measure ink levels (I assume). I don't think that any manufacturer has
    sensors inside their cartridges to measure ink levels. The usual practice is
    for the printer to count how many dots it has been requested to put on the
    paper, then when the number of dots exceeds a certain level, the ink must
    have run out.

    Nicholas Sherlock
    Nicholas Sherlock, Jul 9, 2003
  5. Master  Tech ©

    Chris Mayhew Guest

    (Bruce Sinclair) wrote in

    I wonder what the original source of the information was ? - no url
    supplied or source cited so that one can read the "whole" story
    Chris Mayhew, Jul 9, 2003
  6. Master  Tech ©

    colinco Guest

    Because the next words might be "bugger, the print head is stuffed.."
    One manufacturer has detector system that shines a light through the
    cart. All seem to err on the full side of empty.
    colinco, Jul 9, 2003
  7. I wonder what the original source of the information was ? - no url
    Not the original article, but a link providing details on the same
    announcement, can be found at;
    forensic analysis, Jul 9, 2003
  8. Master  Tech ©

    Jake Collins Guest

    The latest NZ Consumer magazine has a similar expose on Epson "smart" chips
    ripping you off by telling you the cartridge is empty when it really isn't.
    Jake Collins, Jul 9, 2003
  9. Master  Tech ©

    colinco Guest

    Printhead as part of cart is an HP thing.

    The ink is so expensive because they have to pay for all the ads telling
    you how good the "genuine ink" is.
    colinco, Jul 9, 2003
  10. Ah ... thanks. That accounts for it :)
    ... as does this :)

    Bruce Sinclair, Jul 10, 2003
  11. Master  Tech ©

    Mainlander Guest

    However many inkjets e.g. Canon have limited life heads anyway.
    Mainlander, Jul 10, 2003
  12. Master  Tech ©

    Mainlander Guest

    heads have a limited life anyway!
    Mainlander, Jul 10, 2003

  13. Epson does not, the Bubble Jet heads get corroded by the water based inks..
    Master Tech ©, Jul 10, 2003
  14. Master  Tech ©

    pete Guest

    All ink jets have a finite life print head. Some get new heads with every
    ink fill (eg most low-end HP)
    Canon recommend that printheads be replaced every 5 ink tanks but there is
    no enforcment of this by the printer.
    You can use the heads until they are stuffed (as most people do). When you
    buy new heads, they come complete with ink tanks. If I buy another ink jet
    printer, it will probably be a Canon, rather than the HPs I have now.
    pete, Jul 11, 2003

  15. And Epson heads last for ever.
    Master Tech ©, Jul 11, 2003
  16. Master  Tech ©

    John S Guest

    John S, Sep 27, 2009
  17. Master  Tech ©

    Cima Guest

    Cima, Sep 27, 2009
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