Is creating securely encrypted CDs, readable in Windows and Linux, possible?

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by TGOS, Nov 23, 2003.

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    [Followup-To set, following it and that way avoid uneccessary xposts
    would be nice]

    Hello all you security and crypto masters :)

    I'm looking for a piece of software, that allows me to create encrypted
    CDs. When saying "encrypted CD", I mean a CD, where people can neither
    see the content of the files, nor the NAMES of the files (this is an
    important issue, too, and most people don't consider it!), unless the
    person can provide an accurate password.

    Whether all files ares stored individually and the name of the files are
    just somehow scrambled (and get de-scrambled if the correct password is
    provided), or whether the whole CD partition is scrambled, or whether
    there is only a single large file on CD with a scrambled partition
    inside... I don't care. As long as nobody can access the data and read
    the file names without password, I'm happy.

    The data must be readable directly from CD, first copying it to HD and
    then decryption it means that protected data is stored unprotected where
    every other process could easily read it (reading it from memory is of
    course still possible, but the whole thing won't usually be in memory
    and it will only be there, as long as it's used).

    I know, there are hundreds of tools around, I'm able to use a search
    engine myself ;-) But what is very important are the following two

    1) The final CD must be readable on Linux *AND* Windows systems. A
    Win-only/Linux-only solution is worthless. This includes stuff like
    PGPDisk, CD-Lock or Linux Loopback solutions.

    2) Ideally the tool works in user-space. A tool where I first have to
    patch+recompile the kernel, compile+install a module or install a new
    driver to get a new virtual device on my system is worthless (as it
    demands root/administrator rights to work).

    Does any such tool exist?
    I don't know if it's even possible to write such a tool. Usually a tool
    would have to sit between CD-ROM driver and OS and thus it can't be a
    user space tool.

    Right now I'm happy if only the first condition is true. Of course CDs
    will be ISO format, so I should be able to create such a CD in Linux and
    read under Windows and the other way round.

    Any ideas?
    TGOS, Nov 23, 2003
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