Is a Testking a Braindump?

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by PastyPies, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. PastyPies

    PastyPies Guest

    Or is it something different?

    By passing an exam with the aid of a Testking are you cheating, like you
    would with a braindump?

    PastyPies, Oct 11, 2003
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  2. PastyPies

    Tim Thorne Guest

    It depends how you use it. They do have a substantial number of
    questions from the CCNA exam on their files. If you learn from it, all
    well and good. Its excellent practice for the exam. If you learn
    nothing and pass the test, that's fine too. People generally take the
    exams to help them get a better job. If you learnt nothing from it
    then you'll most likely fail at a technical interview.

    Tim Thorne, Oct 11, 2003
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  3. PastyPies

    Techie Guest

    TestKing is the ultimate braindump and should be avoided at all costs. These
    people actually pay people to go write the exams with the sole purpose of
    writting down questions and supplied answers.
    Techie, Oct 11, 2003
  4. PastyPies

    MCSE World Guest

    MCSE World, Oct 11, 2003
  5. TK is a dump.
    Darko Gavrilovic, Oct 12, 2003
  6. PastyPies

    PastyPies Guest

    If what you say is true and a Testking is a Braindump then so must be a

    I went on a course and read the Sybex book for the Network+ exam, I also
    used a Transcender which was regularly updated from there website with new
    questions during my study.

    Surprisingly when I took the exam about 85% of the questions in the
    Transcender test were identical to those in the exam, almost word for word.

    I was of the opinion that a Transcender was a legitimate learning tool. If
    this is the case I can't see much difference with a Testking. In both counts
    you are paying a company for exam questions and answers.

    Presumably if you have ever used a Transcender, Testking or a Braindump you
    were cheating you way to a pass mark even if you didn't realise it.
    PastyPies, Oct 12, 2003
  7. PastyPies

    Techie Guest

    All of these so called exam test products are guilty of using braindump
    questions, only TestKing is honest about it.
    Techie, Oct 12, 2003
  8. PastyPies

    PastyPies Guest

    I wonder just how many people who frequent this newsgroup have used a
    Transcender during their certification path? I would say there's quite a few
    considering that up to about a year ago you could download cracked
    Transcenders from Kazaa etc. and still get the updates from their website.
    Lets not pretend nobody was aware of this.

    You could open a whole can of worms on this topic. If using a braindump or a
    Testking or a Transcender is simply cheating, then what is considered ok?

    Is going on one of those bootcamps ok if you pass at the end so long as you
    haven't used any of the three methods above?

    If not, then where is the crossover point when a bootcamp becomes just a
    group of bundled courses taken one after the other? Nothing wrong with that

    Some people have said that if you can answer the questions in a technical
    interview you will be ok. So if you have used any or all of the 'dirty
    three' above to say get your MCSE, CCNA or whatever that's perfectly ok and
    above board.

    Sounds like this whole thing is a bit of a grey area. Once you have your
    cert, how you got it is brushed under the carpet a bit.
    PastyPies, Oct 12, 2003
  9. PastyPies

    Lady Guest

    I used Transcender for some initial Windows 2000 tests before I switched to
    SelfTest Software. I found SelfTest to be even a closer match to the actual
    exam than Transcender.

    So we should probably add Selftest (and probably Measureup) software to the
    Lady, Oct 12, 2003
  10. PastyPies

    Jonojacker Guest

    Transcender, braindump, or testking. I agree, it is all a grey area and
    any concern is largely an academic one.

    The fact is, the real world sorts out the men from the boys.

    Jonojacker, Oct 12, 2003
  11. I used as well. thats the one recommened by the
    traingn facility i go to. i think elftest is called kaplansoftware or
    something like that.

    i managed to pass first three exams selftest. i like them, but have not used
    competing products so i can't compare. i found selftest question to be real
    goo cause they teach you to look at the questions and filter out the extra
    junk they ms is putting in there to confuse you.
    Darko Gavrilovic, Oct 12, 2003
  12. PastyPies

    Taishi Guest

    Chance favors the prepared mind. Practice makes perfect.

    Did you use the Online Test Engine? Do I need to use the test engine?

    Taishi, Oct 13, 2003
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