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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Gib Bogle, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Gib Bogle

    Gib Bogle Guest

    Has anyone else here tried to use the IRD online services? I've never
    encountered such an infuriating and non-functioning website. I have
    registered for myIR, but whenever I try to do anything - first I wanted
    to fill out my 2013 IR3, then I wanted to send an email to the IRD
    complaining about the issue I am about to describe - I find myself
    trapped in a loop. Every action asks me to Login, bringing me back to
    my "Account information" page, the one I started from. I feel like a
    character in a Franz Kafka novel. Few things get me as riled up as
    badly designed software.
    Gib Bogle, Jun 1, 2013
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  2. Gib Bogle

    Enkidu Guest

    I've not had any particular issues. But don't use the system to send an
    email. Phone them up (and battle the voice recognition thingee) and they
    will set it up for you so that you can submit the IR3 online.


    Enkidu, Jun 1, 2013
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  3. Gib Bogle

    Gib Bogle Guest

    I had two conversations with IRD personnel last week. One told me I
    didn't need to file, since the tax I paid was correct. That didn't seem
    right to me, since I worked only half the year. I thought about it,
    then called again. This time I was told again that all was OK, no need
    to file. I pointed out the facts, she went silent for a few moments,
    then went away to consult something/someone. When she came back, she
    was able to tell me what I'd earned and what I'd paid. A quick
    calculation showed me that I could expect a refund of about $2500.
    Needless to say I wasn't impressed, and told her so.

    I explained that I was leaving for an extended trip overseas in a couple
    of days (today, actually, for 4 months), and that I wanted to ensure
    that I got my return filed before going, if possible. She told I just
    need to go online, register for myIR, and everything could be done
    easily. Hah!

    The option of phoning IRD is not a very convenient one now - by the time
    it will be possible to speak to a human being I'll be far away. So I
    followed the online directions for sending an email message to them, and
    discovered the ridiculous setup that kept sending me back to my account
    home page.
    Gib Bogle, Jun 2, 2013

  4. Yes they are full of utter Crap, the Web site is a Dog and you have to
    register to use it..

    NZ Tax is not a true as you earn per date, the UK system is, in the UK
    if you take a Month off work you get a rebate direct from your employer
    as you tax is over by date.

    IRD has million of illegal taxes here be cause you don't have to fill in
    a return if you earn less that $40,000, so those that don't fill in the
    return IRD keeps what you should have paid you back.

    So those that have only worked 1/2 a year are due a lot back, as your
    weekly Tax is worked on what you will earn in a year, or if you income
    goes up and down a lot.

    You can back claim for 5 years.

    A very corrupt system here.

    They have pissed me and my wife some time back, but I have since gave up
    as its better for our health.

    Why do you think all the TV adds for tax help companies.
    Frank Williams, Jun 2, 2013

  5. No idea about IR3s, I don't file them. I *love* the new-ish online GST
    return though. Works a treat.

    I had trouble at one point that Mozilla would only print the first page
    of the returns, that was before the re-design. No complaints with Opera
    - that printed it fine.
    After I complained repeatedly about the Mozilla problem they suggested I
    use MSIE. As if. You might try a different browser.

    Peter Huebner, Jun 2, 2013
  6. Gib Bogle

    geopelia Guest

    I got the IR3 forms last year on the computer, printed them out and sent
    them by snail mail.
    I usually split the joint accounts 50/50, but with Hubby dying it will have
    to be 75/25 this year.
    Or shall I grab the lot on my own return?
    Phoning is hopeless, I can never get through.
    I don't know how people manage without a calculator if they didn't learn the
    old maths.
    That multiplication sum is a shocker!

    Hubby owed 35 cents last year, which they kindly let him off!
    geopelia, Jun 3, 2013
  7. In a word, no. Reason being ? ...
    Their phone system is so awful, why would their web site for doing anything
    be any better ? :) Strangely, I reckon their website is great for *finding*
    information. :)
    Add to that they want to "verify" you before they allow you to send them
    email (perhaps that's your *problem* here ? ... and note how they make it
    *your* problem :) ), and anything and everything you do/ask for seems to
    result in a phone call from them, what's the point ? Perhaps emailing their
    wemaster might work ? I haven't tried that.

    Write a letter. When they ring, ask them to respond in writing. At least
    you'll have a record of their reply ... and know who to send the next letter
    to. :) :)
    Bruce Sinclair, Jun 4, 2013
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