IRB BVI0 interface, no ping possible from the router to inside hosts

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Steven V.A., Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Steven V.A.

    Steven V.A. Guest

    Hi Group,

    Another problem:

    I have a remote site which has a Cisco 877W configured.

    It's a wireless model, and I had quite some trouble figuring out
    "bridge irb" and setting up interface BVI0.

    However its works.... with one major problem:

    I cannot ping ANY LAN host from the router console.

    Pinging --from the router's CLI- it's owm IP adress (and pinging
    internet hosts) is the only thing that works.

    Form a LAN client perspective everything works fine. They can ping
    each other & an internet host & they can ping the routers inside IP
    adress too.

    This is a real problem, Since The C877W is used in a site to site
    VPN.......You guessed it....VPN works fine....but the only host I can
    See/ping/access is the router itself.

    Any tips?
    Should I get rid of IRB altogether and back using Vlan 1 , 2 ....etc.
    When I configured the wireless part. I used "Integrated Routing and
    Bridging" This was one of the examples that floats around the 'net.

    Steven V.A., Sep 17, 2008
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