ipv6 - ipv4 nat-pt just not translating

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Yamin, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. Yamin

    Yamin Guest

    Hey guys,

    I've been trying to configure a very simple case of having an IPV6
    host send packets to an IPv4 host via a cisco router (LS1010...3640

    The setup is accepted fine. It seems re match the tutorials on the
    net and the documentation, but nothing is being translated. When we
    put on a monitor on the port, we're getting ipv6 packets from a port
    which has been set to use ipv4.
    Anyone got any ideas. I've included the script and the setup below.
    I've tried many variations on these as well as other tutorials, so
    forgive me if its a bit excessive at the moment.

    IPV6 HOST (hv6)------->(rv6)router(rv4)------>IPv4 HOST (hv4)
    hv6 ip = fec0:1111::10/64
    rv6 ip = fec0:1111::1/64
    hv4 ip =
    rv4 ip =
    hv4 ipv6 address=2010::30

    clear ipv6 nat translation *
    clear ipv6 route *
    configure terminal
    interface fastethernet 1/0
    ipv6 address FEC0:1111::1/64
    ipv6 enable
    ipv6 nat
    mac 00d0.c0fb.ce52

    interface fastethernet 1/1
    ip address
    ipv6 nat

    ipv6 nat v6v4 source 2010::1
    ipv6 nat v6v4 source 2010::30
    ipv6 nat v4v6 source 2010::30
    ipv6 nat v4v6 source 2010::1

    ipv6 nat v6v4 source FEC0:1111::2
    ipv6 nat v6v4 source FEC0:1111::1
    ipv6 nat v4v6 source FEC0:1111::2
    ipv6 nat v4v6 source FEC0:1111::1
    show ipv6 nat translations
    Yamin, Jun 29, 2004
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