IPSEC Multiple Modems on same Subnet

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by derSchweiz, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. derSchweiz

    derSchweiz Guest


    I want to setup multiple modems to aggregate bandwith between two sites
    using Cisco CEF Per-Packet and IPSEC crypto maps. I have 5 cable modems,
    which are connected to a switch, each of them on its own VLAN, and a 802.1q
    trunk that runs from the switch to Cisco router, to get virtual interfaces
    to access the modems. Same setup at both sites.

    What could I do if the ISP assigns IP addresses that are on the same subnet
    to each of these modems? i.e. 5 IP addresses are all in the
    subnet? If I try to assign these addresses to the interfaces of the router,
    it will show an error saying that addresses overlap. Is there a easy way
    around this problem? Maybe some sort of NAT to hide the external addresses?

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance!
    derSchweiz, Jan 28, 2007
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  2. derSchweiz

    derSchweiz Guest

    In other words would this work? Will there be any complications when setting
    up IPSEC tunnels using this configuration?<NAT>---[RouterA-Virtual Interface fa0/0.1]<NAT>---[RouterA-Virtual Interface fa0/0.2]<NAT>---[RouterA-Virtual Interface fa0/0.3]<NAT>---[RouterA-Virtual Interface fa0/0.4]<NAT>---[RouterA-Virtual Interface fa0/0.5]
    derSchweiz, Jan 28, 2007
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