ipcp failing after ios upgrade

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Bill F, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Bill F

    Bill F Guest

    upgraded 3620 with an 8 modem card from 12.0(7)XK2 to 12.2(17a). Test
    dialing with DUN profile.

    2d02h: As2 IPCP: I CONFREQ [Not negotiated] id 1 len 40
    2d02h: As2 IPCP: CompressType VJ 15 slots CompressSlotID (0x0206002D0F01)
    2d02h: As2 IPCP: Address (0x030600000000)
    2d02h: As2 IPCP: PrimaryDNS (0x810600000000)
    2d02h: As2 IPCP: PrimaryWINS (0x820600000000)
    2d02h: As2 IPCP: SecondaryDNS (0x830600000000)
    2d02h: As2 IPCP: SecondaryWINS (0x840600000000)
    2d02h: As2 LCP: O PROTREJ [Open] id 59 len 46 protocol IPCP

    Here's the relevant part of the config.

    ip address-pool dhcp-proxy-client


    interface Async2
    no ip address
    ip helper-address 192.168.xx.xx
    encapsulation ppp
    async mode interactive
    peer default ip address pool address-pool
    no fair-queue
    ppp authentication ms-chap chap pap
    ppp multilink

    bug CSCdk61031 looks related but fixed long ago.
    Bill F, Jul 22, 2003
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